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Kodak EASYSHARE All-In-One Printer

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5100 is certainly not dependable


I was over the moon when I purchased a new 5100 2 years ago so you can understand how dissappointed I was when within a monthof purchase the printer stopped printing, I took it back to the shop I bought it from and the offered me my money back or an other printer, I have to admit I made the error of thinking that it couldn`t happen twice so I took another 5100, well it did happen again ,the printhead error says the printhead is missing or not working or something to that degree, this time just after the warranty ran out, I took the head out and replaced it several times as directed by the Kodak Website but it made no difference it still showed the error code so rather than frustrate myself any more I boxed it up and it now sits as a memorial in the corner of my wardrope as a memo not to purchase a Kodak again, fortunately my son-in-law gave me an old Epson C42 which I have used trouble-free for the past year. I will admit when it works it produces good prints but you cant put your trust in it working all the time. Copy Quality gives good prints Ink/Paper Use uses far too much ink especially after cleaning printhead. Ease of Use not complicaed Durability in no way is it durable, the printheads pack in after little use. Design nothing spectacular about the design, very average.




All in one -- loser!!


Don't bother to buy if you want to print on regular paper. Does nice on photos.....but then you can't use smaller paper---only THEIR size!!! Does not have 3 x 5 which is what most recipe cards are. Can tell this was made by a man..........not useful for a woman to use to print recipies. Does a terrible print of color on regular paper! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another Kodak printer. I miss my Epson!!! As for savings on ink......they dry out before they are used up unless you print all the time! So--the cartridges may be less expensive, but use more since they dry out before being used for printing.


Elmore, OH


Great price, cheap ink, ok prints


I purchased this about 4 years ago when I think they were first starting to come out. I first noticed that it was inexpensive and then was really sold when I saw the ink prices. It's true that the ink lasts for MUCH longer than HP or Lexmark printers than I've had in the past. I haven't been impressed with the picture printing quality though (but I've never had a home printer that I've ever liked for that). My biggest complaint has been that after a while colors start missing from prints and I've had to have a part replaced twice. It just failed again and now because it's been too long they won't replace it anymore so I'm shopping for a new printer.


Aumsville, OR


Long term moderate use Kodak still going strong


I was given the Kodak EasyShare 5100 several years ago by my mother for Christmas and it is still going strong.  I print a lot of coupons and could not be happier with this printer.  The main thing I love about this printer is, of course, just like everyone cheap the ink cartridges are.  The ink cartridge numbers are easy to remember, you don't have to write down the old cartridge number and go searching through these long alphabet codes like some cartridges have.  10b for black and 10c for color...simple.. and very inexpensive.  The even occasionally come in combo packs for an even better deal which is when I load up. I also love the fact that the Kodak 5100 has the paper tray at the bottom and not sticking up at the top so you can store it on a shelf under your computer.  The scanner, copier portion of the all in one is adequate for my needs also.  For the price, you can't go wrong with this printer!


Laurinburg, NC


Kodak printer


Kodak Printer : We bought this printer year ago. The cost of the printer is good but the ink part kills the deal. The kodak printer ink never goes on sale & u can't refill it. This is in our home... I don't use it much but the ink  doesn't last long & have to buy frequently. Many stores even don't carry kodak ink.  We already replaced print head. I bought this printer only because this is from trustworthy company.


Shawnee, KS


this thing is garbage


I rarely NEED to use a printer, but when I do I always end up at Kinkos after spending 20 bucks trying to get this one to work.  I paid quite a bit for it and now it is a huge money draining desk ornament.


Kansas City, MO


kodak has always been good


Recently I purchsed a kodak printer, scanner, copier, photo shop,etc. honestly I haven't had the pleasure of using all the extras but I do know it was a simple set up easy directions.I was able to set it up and be making copies in about twenty minutes. i am hoping to start scanning my kids' pictures and make a disc. hope that goes as well. 


Grant, MI


Prints but a bit slowly


I was given the Kodak 5100 All-in-one Inkjet Printer as a gift and thought it would have high quality photo printing capabilities since it was a Kodak. Instead I found that it is only what I would consider to be average in its quality. Maybe this is because it is an all-in-one or maybe it is because it is an inkjet, but although the results are nice they are not the highest resolution and sharpness I have seen with other printers. The scanning capability is about the same as most other scanners. I do like the way the paper is loaded and that the printer is compact enough to fit into a smaller space near the computer. However, I was also hoping the speed of the printing, copying, scanning would have been a little faster than it is. I think this is an average value for what you get and would say it is an okay product to purchase but there are others that have higher quality and are a better value.


Austin, TX


Print's good when it works!


I purchased this printer because I was tired of paying the prices that all the other printers wanted for ink cartridges.  Well at first this Kodak All-in-one printer worked really well, then it started having problems.  I contacted the company and they shipped out a part that was needed in order to fix it within the first few worked well again for awhile.  Now it will not scan or copy from the computer..have not looked at it to see why because quite frankly I am tired of this printer.  Yes the picture quality is good, ink is very inexpensive as compared to other ink cartridges and it has a neat design...but when I need it to work, I expect it to.  Only adults have worked this printer and it is always covered with a dust cover to keep it clean. I will not purchase another Kodak printer unless they change some of the defects that they have in their current ones.  What you save in ink doesnt matter if the printer doesnt work!


Jefferson, OH


Kodak 5100 is a great value and performs well


I received my Kodak 5100 All in One printer as a gift a few years ago. I was in desperate need of a printer, copier, scanner, and picture printer for my digital camera. I loved it as soon as I used it. It is a great all in one. I have printed hundreds of pictures. I actually printed my wedding album using this printer. It prints quality pictures right in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of special effects and features that you can select as well. The only negative I can think of is that the ink dries out if not used regularly and has to be replaced. I contacted kodak support at one point regarding ink problems while printing, and they actually send me replacement ink. I would absolutely recommend this product if you are in the market for a new printer, copier or scanner. It offers durability and quality at a great value. Another plus is that the ink is not too costly and if used regularly enough to keep it from drying out, it lasts through lots of print jobs.


Pinson, AL


Kodak EASYSHARE All-In-One Printer

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