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Kodak - Digital Science DC210 Plus Digital Camera

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what a great time I had with this camera


This was my very first digital camera and believe it or not it still works. Image Quality for it's time GREAT. it is still good for now too! Performance Performance is very good for the age of this camera.The screen does have issues on some settings now. but still take a good picture.!It has no zoom function on it either. I bought this back in the late 90's. For a camera that is so old it is super small compared to the others in it's time. It even has a self timer on it which was super neat for technology back then. I still am amazed how good of a picture it takes. Mine is silver. Yes it is big and bulky too Ease of Use SO easy to use. It also has a cord to hook to the PC so you can manage picture from computer. Durability This thing has been dropped many times and still works great. Battery Life If you turn on display it DRAINS the batteries quick! It also holds 4 AAs. Talk about a heavy camera! It really needs a charger. Portability It is really bulky compared to new Digital cameras.

Plano, TX


Kodak - Digital Science DC210 Plus Digital Camera

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