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Kodak - CD33 Digital Camera

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Kodak EasyShare CD33 is just that EASY!


Kodak EasyShare CD33 This is one terrific easy to use camera. It has many usable settings to make your picture taking nonstressful. My kids are in 4-H and as one of the projects is digital photo's. With this camera they have brought home many award winning photo's. We purchased the camera dock and with this camera the download of pictures to the computer is a ONE click process. Take the pictures you want with this affordable, easy downloadable, camera.

Atwood, KS


very nice camera


I  really  like  the  Kodak  easy  share  CD 33  digital  camera.  I  think  it  has  a  good  variety  of  functions.  It  has  settings  for  taking  outdoor  pictures  and  even  different  catagories  for  that  such  as  sunny  days  or  in  the  snow.  They  have  a   setting  for  taking  moving  pictures  for  sports  games  because  we  know  how  hard  it is  to  take  a  picture  of  someone  running.  I  think  it  is  a  great  camera  for  what  ever  you  need  it   for.  there  is  a  self  portrate  function  that  helps  if  you  have  no one  to  hold  the  camera  for  you.  And  hooking  it  up  to  the  computer  is  very  simple  just  plug  the  cords  in  the right  holes  turn  on  the  camera  and you  are  good  to  go.  The  software  is  just  as  easy  alll you  have  to  do  is  put  the  disc  in  your  computer  and  it  installs  itself.  Very  easy to use  if i can every one can.

Reading, PA


Do not by a kodak easyshare


This camera was very nice at first, It took excellent pictures. After about a month the pictures weren't so nice anymore and the lens broke. (my fault) But I called around to get it fixed and the only people able to fix a Kodad camera is...Kodak, surprise surprise!

Jackson Center, OH


Kodak - CD33 Digital Camera

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