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Kobalt 6-Piece Mini Pliers Set

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The Kobalt Mini Pliers Set is Great For Many Jobs...


I recieved the Kobalt Mini Pliers set for Christmas a couple of years ago and they are still going strong.  I have used them for a great many things since then but they are still working as if they are brand new.  The variety of pliers in the set was great as there is a pair in the set for every type of job.  The size of the tools is also a big plus since they can fit in small places and perform precision tasks.  This set has been great for wiring tasks such as stripping, pulling, cutting and everything else.  The set has also been great for precision cutting.  At first glance, the size of the pliers might make you question their durabiltiy, but do not be fooled.  These pliers are very durable and capable of handling the toughest tasks.  They are a great addition to any tool box and are the perfect type of tool for detail work.  Where larger pliers fail because of their bulk, these come through.

Athens, GA


Perfect set of small crimpers for craftmanship


              I have been a roofer all my life and done almost every type of roof that there is. I like to do specialty work most of all. I have worked with all types of metal and have learned about what ones are the best. You learn that it always helps to have special tools for a job and some of the time you get to where you need a different tool to make things work out right. You just do some things without a unique tool.               Well I started making my crafts a few years ago just for a hobby and that was when I came across the set of mini pliers. There are a lot of different ones out but they are not all the same. I have had several different brands and I always wind up back with the ones I had in the beginning.               The Kobalt  6-Piece Mini Pliers Set has better grips on the handles and are made of a stronger metal so I can bend my copper easier. They are more comfortable and can be used for many things around the house. You get a couple styles of bending pliers, grip pliers, straight cut and Dikes. They are a good price and durable and are some of the handiest tools you could ever ask for. I even think they would be good for most women to keep in their kitchen drawer or wherever they keep a small kit for their use. I recommend this to anyone doing crafts or even sewing. You can check them out and see.

Zirconia, NC


Kobalt 6-Piece Mini Pliers Set

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