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Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers

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Love these!


We're a big fan of Knickernappies!  I've used them for both kids and love them even more now than I did with my first child.  These are well made diapers that last a long time.  I've never had an issue with the snaps or elastic.  And somehow even the white fleece stays looking white.  I've had some staining, but it goes away after just a few washes, which is great.  I originally started with the sized diapers, and do like them a bit better, but the OS are a great option.  They have seem to fit a very wide range of kids.  My kids are skinny, but I know other moms who use these on chunky babies.  For a OS diaper they are quite trim as well.  I also love the Loopy Do inserts that come with these diapers.  I love the stretchy sides and the fact that they're a side snapping diaper.  Stuffing the inserts is so much easier with the new KND design that is a bit wider than previous versions of this diaper.  The only thing I'd like to see change is a wider variety of colors and colored inners.  


Ludlow, MA


Love my Knickernappies


After cloth diapering for awhile I wanted to expand my stash and try some different diapers.  I had heard some good things about Knickernappies and was anxious to try one.  I have to sayI couldn't be more pleased!  These are wonderful diaper with a great fit.  I have been using these diapers since my son was about 22 lbs.  so I can't say how they would fit on a little one.  From m experience though they are awesome.  They are very easy to stuff.  They are very absorebent and without a ton of bulk.  I love that they use snap closures.  I really love that they are side snapping, which I highly recommend trying if you haven't before.  They come in wonderful colors and I think the price is fitting for the quality of the diaper.  I have yet to have any leaking issues with our Knickernappies.  I can't wait to add more of them to our stash.  If you a new to cloth or on the edge of trying a different diaper I would highly recommend giving Knickernappies a try!


Manhattan, KS


My go to diaper


My daughter has the tiniest little baby belly but the chunkiest little legs.  I had trouble finding a cloth diaper that fit her well and didn't leak.  I bought one on a swap board to try out and loved it so much I sold my entire stash and converted to Knickernappies.  They have two rows of side snaps so I can get it around her legs and then snug by her waist.  She moves a lot and these never gap.  I've never had a leak!  While she outgrew some of her other one size diapers by her first birthday (and she's only in the 50% for height and weight) these still have plenty of room to grow into.  The microfiber inserts are absorbant enough for day.  We use the SuperDos for nights and bedtime and adore them.  The colors are awesome -- there's always a diaper that matches her outfit perfectly.  I get compliments on how easy to use they are (even from our ped who hates cloth diapers).  They clean nicely.  Unlike my organic cotton diapers these never hold a stain or an odor.  I'm planning to try to conceive again in the next 6 months and these are on my short list of must haves for adding to the family!


Bellevue, NE


A decent cloth diaper-but not my favorite.


We started cloth diapering when our son was 14 months old. We purchased one of these to start out with, and I'm glad I didn't get more than that. They are good quality, I just don't think they are the best cloth diaper for our son out there.  There were some things we really do like about these diapers. They are decently priced. They are absorbent and are easily stuffable to add more absorbency for naps or night time if needed. I do really like the side snap feature of this diaper, as they seem to work really well for our toddler who is loving to run all around. These diapers have always cleaned up really well and have kept the messes in place. Both my husband and I feel that the snaps work really well and are easy to use.  There are some things we don't like about this diaper as much as other diapers we have tired. I feel they are quite large. I really don't see how these would be a good diaper for any child under six months, unless it was nap or night time when supper bulky diapers don't matter. My 23 month old son is only on the 3rd snap in on the waist, so it would not work well for a supper skinny kid either. I have heard in general these work better for girls than boys, but we haven't had any issues.  Overall I would say they are worth a try, and if you have a bigger baby or toddler they might work really well for you.  


Onalaska, WI


Not only are these Knickernappies environmentally friendly...


They are also super cute! I love these Knickernappies OneSize cloth diapers for a million reasons! For starters, they are VERY easy to use and in my opinion, even easier than a disposable diaper. I can promise that you'll never have a tab pull off when you are working for a snug fit! I stuff my diapers with microfiber inserts because they are trim and super absorbent but you could definitely stuff with prefolds or any other absorbent material you have laying around. These diapers have elastic around the inner thigh so you are sure to get a nice snug fit without any worries or leaks. In fact, I can tell you that in two years of exclusive cloth diapering, I never had a SINGLE blow out with these diapers. The inside of this diaper is SUPER soft. I mean, seriously, your baby will be riding in the lap of luxury with these diapers! It's nothing like the crinkled, abrasive material they use in disposables. Not to mention, these diapers are chemical free! You don't have to worry about chemical burns like you do with most disposables! They are also very easy to wash. You just literally dump the solids in the toilet and toss them in the washing machine with a small amount of detergent. Try them - I promise, your baby will thank you!!


Albertville, MN


good fit, well made


The Knickernappies OneSize diaper I have was bought used, so I have no idea how long it had been used before me. When it arrived the inner fabric was pilly (so be aware that this will happen with wear) but the outer pul was and still is in great condition. It is easy to get a good fit on your child, even my skinny upper thigh son. I have never had a leak, be it from compression or wicking, and have stuffed it with both microfiber and Gerber prefolds. Be warned that if you do not take the insert all the way out, the insert will ball up in the bottom in the wash. The elastic pocket can also be difficult to stuff if you have large hands. But the elastic back also really works to contain messes, so isn't a bad thing. I started using this OneSize diaper with my 4 month old and it still fits him great at 17 months. This summer I also used it as a swim diaper (without an insert) and it worked well for that, too.


Winnsboro, SC


Knickernappies are so adorable and fit so well!


I love these Knickernappie diapers!! My friend gave me one to try and they fit my daughter so well.  We can only use pocket diapers overnight or else we have leaks.  I had a little trouble the first time using this diaper, getting the fit right and making sure the leg gussets were snug.  We had a tiny bit of leakage, but after that, we were good to go!  Now we can snap this diaper on in a second and put her to bed without hassle. These diapers are adorable.  I love the style and how the side snaps cover up the rest of the unused snaps.  This makes for a very sleek and stylish diaper!  We currently have the pink diaper, but I would love some more colors to add to my stash! I typically use a double microfiber insert set up with this diaper, even during the daytime.  We don't often use pockets during the day, but the Knickernappie is easy to carry in the diaper bag and is a great go-to diaper.  I would recommend this to any friend or cloth diapering family.


Jacksonville, NC


Hold it ALL in


**Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers are great diapers.  They hold in all messes, including the nastiest of diapers.  **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers** are awesome in that they can be used for such a long time.  I would say that they aren't meant for newborns, but certainly once your child is in a size two in a paper diaper **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers would fit your child.**** **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers are such vibrant colors and are offered in an array of colors.** **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers are made of the best PUL (poly urathane laminate) material.  It is soft and certainly does the job.  I have only had very few leaks with **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers and I have been using them for close to a year now.  **** **Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers fit my two and a half year old great.  They allow many different waist variations because of the snaps.  I personally love the snaps over velcro.  Snaps don't have to be cleaned like velcro and babies have a harder time getting them off when they are snaps.**


Wayne, MI


Great for chunky thighs!


I loved our Knickernappies disposanots for my middle son.  They've gotten so much use that they're pretty worn out now but that's after 3 years time.  Before they became "well loved", they were great! They never leaked, they fit my little guys chunky thighs, and the rise was perfect!  The colors are great and the diapers were oh so soft.  The inserts are great too and those have gotten their fair share of use/abuse as well. We only ever used the mediums but I found that they fit from about 5-6 months up until even nearly 4 years.  It's a tight squeeze now but I can still put him in them at 37lbs.  My youngest is 6 months and 22lbs and he fits nicely in them too. I can't complain about them- I've never had any issues that weren't directly related to normal wear and tear.  The snaps have held up after all this time too which is surprising since a lot of our other diapers that snap have some snap problems after all this time.


Kingston, PA


Knickernappies are a great investment!


I have been using Knickernappies for about 9 months. I first got them when my Son was 5 months old. Great diaper! I use Cotton babies one-size microfiber inserts, the ones that have the buttons to fix the length. For about 5-6 hours my Son is dry. The inside lining of the Knickernappies keep the moisture away from your babies bottom. You need to change the diapers every 4 or 5 hours or the diaper will leak around the legs, thighs, or the highest part near the belly button. Avoid leaks at night by double stuffing with microfiber inserts. These diapers are so comfortable for my boy I don't put shorts or pants on him. He's like a little heater so really their is no need to add more layers. Knickernappies one-size diaper will keep up with your growing baby. I don't know how they are on a newborn but, I'm sure they work just as well. For long nights double stuff the pocket to avoid late night leak. The side snaps are fast, easy, and un-noticable under clothes. Colors are nice, elastic stays firm and doesn't weaken during long time use. The elastic doesn't leave any red marks on the legs, thighs, stomach, or back. Also, my Son can't take them off like some other cloth diapers with the hook and loop. Knickernappies are a great value and excellent long time investment!


Lake Forest, CA


Knickernappies OneSize Cloth Diapers

4.5 11