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Kleenex - My Top Tissues for Sore Noses

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Cool Touch Kleenex


My top tissues for a sore nose or you want to prevent your nose from getting sore is the Cool touch kleenex. It is one of the few out there that actually helps keep your nose from getting sore plus on top of that it has a cooling affect to it every time you wipe your nose, which is a awesome feel. I've always been a huge kleenex fan as they are very soft but this is by far my favorite type from them.




Kleenex are great!


Kleenex is the best brand of tissues on the market!  They are soft to your nose and durable at the same time.  They really dont cost that much extra per box and you dont need to use as many as a store brand or puffs.  Kleenex dont have that crazy lotion that Puffs has which leaves your hands greasy.  The box designs Kleenex has been comming out with are very pretty and very modern which is great for those of us who would like something pretty sitting around our house rather than a boring box that our grandmas would have used 40 years ago.  Kleenex also comes in many versions such as purse size and smaller or larger sizes for families of boxes of tissues.  The three pack value pack also helps save on money.  I would like to see more sales on kleenex though but when the other tissues are like using sand paper I will keep on buying without a sale price.  These are found everywhere and a brand that has been around for a long time.


Owensboro, KY


Put your nose where the best tissues are!


Tissues are nothing to sneeze about. Whether suffering from a cold or just needing to keep those nostrils clean, there are issues that need to be thought about when choosing a tissue for your delicate area. While there are many different brands of tissues with various characteristics such as antiviral, infused with menthol and aloe, there is one that has pluses that should be considered. KIeenex Antiviral brand tissues have some very important qualities. One of the most important issues today is killing viruses. Kleenex Antiviral tissues kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. Having that on your side, you feel a bit safer. Even when the cheaper tissues are on sale, if they are not soft, there is no comfort in using them. They are also incredibly soft but without the tissue dust that some tissues shed. They are absorbent two ply strong tissues so they will not disintegrate in your hands. If you feel the need for 3 ply, Kleenex offers those, but 2 ply seem to work just as well. Kleenex Antiviral is a tissue you can feel good about.


Camp Hill, PA


Kleenex - My Top Tissues for Sore Noses

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