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Klaumwell Labs
Klaumwell Labs Full Fast

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Full Fast Appetite Control Spray does work.


Full Fast Appetite Control Spray is a bit pricey, but I managed to find it on sale so I decided to try it because I have a problem with night time eating and was looking for something to help me with that. I must admit that I altered the directions a little to suit my needs. The directions say to spray three times under tongue and swallow at the following times: 1.  Before breakfast 2. Mid-morning 3. Before Lunch. 4. mid-afternoon 5. before dinner. It states to use with a healthy diet and exercise program. I found that if I use this from the afternoon on, it is much more succesful for me because I am a night time snacker and this is the problem that I am trying to overcome.  So far so good and it has definitely helped me.  I really don't like the taste.  It has a strong cola taste and it is not very pleasant at all.  That in itself could make you lose your appetite, but it does have a lasting effect and has helped me get through those late nights.  If you use according to the directions on the box it will last you for thirty days.  It lasts me a little longer the way that I am using it. 

Belle Valley, OH


Klaumwell Labs Full Fast

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