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Klass Agua Fresca
Klass Agua Fresca - Melon-Cantaloupe Flavored Drink

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Interesting & refreshing-wonder why no one thought of it before


The first time my husband bought a melon drink, I thought, What? Really? Cantaloupe flavored drink? How strange! I wasn't sure what to expect at all when he passed me the drink. When I took my first sip, I didn't know if I liked it or if I was just not used to the idea of a melon drink. After about the third gulp, I was used to the idea and practically drank the whole cup all by myself. It really does taste like you are drinking a real cantaloupe melon. The drink comes in a packet, much like Kool-Aid but larger, and there is no sugar added so you can add sugar to your tasting. We added a little Splenda because it is already a bit sweet by itself. The drink is cantaloupe orange so there is no surprise there. If you add ice and cubes of real cantaloupe, this is a very refreshing drink to have on a hot day. It sometimes takes precedence over my choice of lemonade on many occasions. With lemonade, you sometimes get thirstier. With Melon (accent over the o), you really don't get thirstier, your thirst is actually quenched. You can find this at many hispanic markets in the soft drinks section (near the Kool Aid packets) or at a mom and pop restaurant where they make 10 gallon jugs of it with ice and fresh melon. You'll find them selling jugs of Melon, Jamaica, Horchata, watermelon juice, and other drinks. Each packet makes 1 liter of beverage and made from real dehydrated melons with a little Vitamin C added for good measure.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Klass Agua Fresca - Melon-Cantaloupe Flavored Drink

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