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Kiwi Select
Kiwi Select All Protector

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Rain & stain protector!!


Kiwi is a great product. They make a variety of products. They make a great leather cleaner. My husband is particularly partial to the Kiwi name for its line of shoe polishes. This Kiwi product is a rain and stain protector. It repels water and stains from suede, leather and fabric shoes. It is an aerosol can, so ensure that there is plenty of ventilation prior to beginning the project. Make sure that the article is clean and dry prior to beginning to spray. Second applications are recommended to help alleviate the chance of rain or stains soaking in. It has a money back quarantee if dissatisfied. I like warranties like this. It tells me that the manufacturer believes in its product. The price is reasonable and if it will prolong the life of an expensive shoe, in my opinion, it is worth it. I highly recommend this product as a way to help your leather, suede and fabric shoe items last longer.


SmallTown, TX


Kiwi Select All Protector

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