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Kitchenetics Kitchen Mill

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A real workhorse


I have had my Kitchenetics (K-tec, Blend-tec, or whatever they're calling the brand now) kitchen mill for many years. I don't recall exactly when I got it, but I think it was about six or seven years ago. I am very, very happy with it. For many of those years I baked all my own bread from fresh flour for my large family. My mill is used several times each week. It still functions perfectly after all this time. We have grown very spoiled with fresh flour all the time! The store-bought stuff just doesn't compare.It is very easy to use. Simply pour the grain in the top and flip a switch. A dial adjusts the level of fineness of the end product. The coarsest setting produces a fine cornmeal, a function which I appreciate. Many of the other mills on the market will not produce a meal, only flour. This mill can also handle small beans to make bean flour for recipes or instant refried beans. It has the largest capacity hopper of any of the popular mills on the market. When you are making large batches of bread this is a considerable convenience. It also mills quickly, up to about a pound a minute. That means I can have enough flour for a four loaf batch of bread in less than 5 minutes.The only complaint I can make is that this mill is very loud. That is, IMO, a small price to pay for such a terrific, hard-working piece of equipment. My mill is a staple appliance in my kitchen. I'd sooner part with my coffee maker than with my grain mill!

Valparaiso, IN


Kitchenetics Kitchen Mill

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