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Kitchenaid 30-Inch Freestanding Double Oven Range

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Love it!


I purchased this oven to replace my old Kenmore that died. I love the double oven feature because I can cook multiple items at different temperatures so everything can be done at the same time.

Staten Island NY


An amazing oven.


Bakers and cooks take note, you need one of these killer Kitchenaid double oven ranges! The idea of a double oven is just brilliant and also very resourceful. The smaller part of the oven is perfect for baking small items or portions of things, while the larger oven is great for big meals, casseroles, pizzas, and such. This also is a great feature when you are wanting to save time by cooking two different dishes at once that need different temperatures, like a dessert dish in the smaller oven and main course in the larger oven. The temperature setting is also amazing and so descriptive down to what type of food you are cooking, so that it's impossible to go wrong. I also really like the overall look of the oven in my kitchen, the stainless steel design makes for a very sleek, modern looking oven. I find the top of the stove to be very unique with its griddle in the middle, perfect for pancakes and eggs in the mornings. The fact that it is a gas top while the oven is electric is very cool to me as well.



Kitchenaid 30-Inch Freestanding Double Oven Range

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