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KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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The mixer is a keeper


I use this mixer for all of my everyday baking task and would't be able to function should it stop working.  It works as well if not better than other mixers that I have used and do not need to put it to the highest speed. It's a keeper.

West Palm Beach, FL


great little kitchen appliance


love this mixer, it is very awsome and can do so much for such a small appliance. i lovethe fact that it comes in all these differant colors, and the way it can stand on it's own. i would recommend this to anyome. kitchenaid is an outstanding line or appliance and i would not use anything else.

Macon, GA


Stands up to my chocolate chip cookies!


I received this hand mixer as a gift from my mother after my last one was left smoking by a batch of my chocolate chip cookies.  This mixer has stood up to every batch of chocolate chip cookies I have made since!

Chanhassen, MN


Kitchenaid Ultra Power 5 KHM5DHW Electric Hand Mixer works well


Our Kitchenaid Ultra Power 5 Speed KHM5DHWH2 Electric Hand Mixer works well. This hand held electric mixer has five speeds and several attachments that work well. The whisk is good for whisking eggs. The beaters are good for making smooth mashed potatoes. Even my children can use this appliance. The mixer has two places the attachments can hook into the mixer. They are specific, so if you can't fit the attachment into one of the holes, you are probably trying to put in the wrong one. It has a little picture next to the holes to show you which attachment you are supposed to be putting in which hole. It also has a button on top to release the attachments when you are done and ready to remove the attachments to clean them. The attachments are Dishwasher Safe (which I appreciate -- the less I have to hand wash, the better). Our Kitchenaid Ultra Power 5 Speed Model KHM5DHWH2 Electric Hand Mixer works well.

Chattanooga, TN


best hand mixer I have ever owned!!


I've had lots of hand mixer in my life, even back when I lived at home and helped my Mom in the kitchen. The Kitchen Aid UP has been the best mixer, by far. Take it from a cooking fool. I love it!! I can not wait to enjoy it with my granddaughters.

Kannapolis, NC


KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

4.8 5