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KitchenAid Superba Monterey Built-in Dishwasher

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Old, still cleans good but uses too much water


This dishwasher was installed back when my grandmother was still alive. It doesn't leak, cleans great but the top shelf that holds the cups has rusted off on the side so now I have to get a new one. Noise Level The one rinse cycle makes some noise when it starts off but that's it. Cleaning Time It takes an hour and then some to dry. Loading Flexibility It was good until the shelf broke. This thing is ancient, after five years and who knows how long before that.. Performance It cleans excellent. Design It cleans easy inside and out. Durability It takes a beating.



Washes great but dry cycle melts plastic


We move into a new house with a Kitchenaid Superba dishwasher which works pretty well. It does clean the dishes but the heating element will melt plastic. I turned it on to the eco dry and it doesn't get hot when drying. There is no way to turn off the dry cycle. Noise Level It is fairly quiet. I have had older kenmore dishwashers that are much louder. Cleaning Time Takes 85 minutes to run a full cycle. Loading Flexibility The racks move up and down and the lower level has plate racks that move as well. Performance The dishes always come out clean but you do have to add the jet dry for it to clean better. Design It works very well. Durability The dish washer is about 10 years old and are still going strong. Because of the rust in the water the racks are starting to rust but are no longer getting worse as we have treated the house for rust.

Michigan City, IN


Can't Wait to Afford a New One


This is the oldest dishwasher I've ever owned. It came with the house we are in and let me just say: ICK. It's better to wash my dishes by hand. I guess in it's day, brand new, it worked great, but in this day the dishes always have a film on them when done. It takes forever for the water to heat up, so it's not very economical or environment friendly. The top water sprayer is broken and the replacement parts cost almost as much as a brand new dishwasher!

Junction City, OR


KitchenAid Superba Dishwasher


Last year, our old dishwasher starting leaving grime on all our dishes. Before too long, there was mildew on the interior walls and around the seals. We did a lot of research before buying a new one, having been sufficiently grossed out by the old one and not wanting a repeat experience. We settled on the KitchenAid Superba because it had the features we wanted and a price we could live with. We have been extrememly happy with the cleaning power of this machine. The dishes are very clean. It drains well and completely and doesn't leave any "bits" on the walls or bottom of the dishwasher. Things seem to fit well inside; I can fit a variety of dishes of all differnt sizes. My one comlaint is that one of the fittings that holds the upright "prongs in place" needed to be replaced, but I think that was because my husband tried to force in something that didn't quite fit.

Redmond, WA


KitchenAid Superba Monterey Built-in Dishwasher

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