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Muffin Pans
KitchenAid Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan with Sled

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Have had this for 5 yrs. Just love it! D'lish egg cups! :)


After many uses the one that I had a burned in stain from drips etc. and using a can vegetable spray....but this doesn't hinder the cooking ability one bit! Performance Does the job it is suppose to do....love it Ease of Cleaning It always goes in the dish washer but I also have a tendency to wash it out before putting it in the dish washer....old school thing! :) Durability No issues at all Design love the design and the additional rack makes it easy to remove from oven....if you don't have a rack...just place it on a larger cookie sheet. Doesn't Stick No stick but I already do a little veg. spray...just because! :)




KitchenAid's Silcone Muffin Pan Is Good For Quick Cooking


I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets and anything that makes clean up easier. This is why I decided to try the KitchenAid Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan with Sled. While I was pleased overall by this product, I have had some issues with it. First the good things about this product. I have found that items cook quicker when I used my silicone muffin pan, saving me time in the kitchen. Also this product is easy to clean. All you need to do is put it in the dish washer and you are all set. It is also very durable and doesn't get scratches like traditional muffin tins do. I also like the fact that the sled keeps the pan sturdy while baking. This product is also relatively inexpensive. One big con for me on this product is that stuff can stick. You still have to use cooking spray and even then you still sometimes have issues (I've found this to happen especially with things like cornbread muffins). All in all though I am very pleased with this product and it has worked well for me since I've had it.


Grand Rapids, MI


A Dissappointment


Although I normally love silicone bakeware I cannot stand this muffin pan! The silicone seems extremely thin and it's really too flexible for muffins even with the holder. I've used this both with the holder and just on a regular cookie sheets and neither experience has been particularly good. While the muffins themselves did not stick the experience of filling the cups and getting them to and from the oven just was not pleasant. I felt the entire time like the silicone pan would bend and spill the batter everywhere. The whole experience was just too stressful. So while other KitchenAid products are completely awesome this is not one of their better products and I would have to say to give it a pass. It was just poorly designed and there are better options out there. If you really want to bake muffins in silicone just get the individual muffin cups (Wilton makes some excellent ones) and use those.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Definitely not what I was looking for in a muffin pan


Okay, I'll admit it...I purchased this product because I thought it would be easier to clean than my tradtional muffin pan. While that may be the case, in all other areas it's a "FAIL" for me. Muffins turned out not done at all, and I could never get a brown crust on the bottom without burning the top. I found that after a couple of uses, when I opened the oven to remove the pan, the pan itself was smoking. I found myself wondering if that was healthy. Were chemicals from the silicone seeping into my food?? Maybe it was just me, but the muffins had an "off" taste to me as well. Additionally, I must have an older version. Unline other reviewers, my model did not come with a sled. I had to put mine on a cookie sheet to keep it stable when putting it in and removing it from the oven.


Oak Island, NC


KitchenAid makes baking cup cakes and muffins a piece of cake!


Muffins are one of my favorite things to bake and I have had a lot of disappointing experiences due to my old bake ware.  Some of the main problems I have encountered with other muffin pans are the muffins sticking despite greasing or spraying the pan or being unable to remove the paper holders from them after baking. I have had neither of these problems with my KitchenAid muffin pan. So far I have used these to make muffins (of course), cup cakes, mini meat loafs, individual Jello cups, and individual fruit cups. I have seen silicone muffin pans from other manufactures, but KitchenAid is the only one I've ever seen with the cute "sled". Until I came across the muffin pan in the sled I was unwilling to try the silicone muffin pans because they are somewhat flimsy. With the help of the sled this is not an issue. I also think the sled makes these pans extra cute! I currently have two of these and am now keeping my eyes open for sales so that I may give these to all the ladies in my family. I highly recommend trying this if you ever use a muffin pan!


Rock Hill, SC


I did not like the Silicone muffin pan at all


I feel like most people like this muffin pan, so maybe my particular pan was a fluke, but I did not have a good experience with my Kitchen Aide silicone muffin pan.  I like to bake, but I do not like cleaning muffin tins after making cupcakes or muffins, so I thought this pan would be a perfect solution.  I do like that it comes with the metal support sled so that it can easily be taken in and out of the oven, but beyond that, I did not have a good experience with it.  The first two times I used it, it was fine, but the very next time I used it, it started smoking once it was in the oven.  The batter in the muffin cups was fine, the pan itself was smoking.  This alarmed me.  It also set the smoke detector off.  I thought maybe I had done something wrong.  I tried cleaning the pan and giving it another shot, but I had similar results. I ended up donating it to good will because I never could get it to work.  I would not buy this pan again. 


Hiram, GA


This KitchenAid Muffin pan is heaven sent!


I recently received 2 of these KitchenAid Silicone Muffin Pans as a gift and I couldn't be more happy with them! Easy to use, easy to clean and they look super snazzy in my kitchen. So far, I've used them for muffins, cupcakes, mini pot pies, brownies and even mini fritatas. If you only use these babies for baking cupcakes and muffins, you're not using them to their full potential! My next experiments are individual Jello molds, mini meatloaf and mini cheesecakes. I'm hoping to scoop up a few more pieces of this amazing bakeware so I can see what else silicone has to offer... KitchenAid has never let me down before, and this time is no exception to the rule. Everything just pops right out, no muss, no fuss. The sled is a genius idea, otherwise the semi-floppy pans would fall all over the place, and the pans would be way harder to fill. This is a sturdy product with a ton of uses and great appearance. Now... if it only did the dishes too!


Canoga Park, CA


The only way it could be better is if it actually cleaned itself


I absolutely love my silicone bakeware.  You don't need any grease or oil to prevent sticking, which also cuts down on the crispy bottoms.  It is super easy to clean, as well as lightweight and flexible for shoving into cabinets.  Two thumbs up.


Buffalo, NY


KitchenAid Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan with Sled

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