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KitchenAid Pro Line Series 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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I would buy it again


We use a Kitchen Aide Industrial Coffee Pot. It has been the best coffee pot I have ever bought. It is 4 years old and my favorite feature is the temperature knob which allows me to have my coffee really hot. Another feature that I really appreciate is the taste of my coffee. I entertain a lot and I never fail to get complements on how smooth my coffee taste. Some of my friend have went out and bought one because they love mine so much. What I would like to see changed is type of glass pot it has. It tends to leak when I pour the coffee so I have to pour the coffee over the sink to keep from getting coffee on the counter tops. If I had to by a new one I would hope that problem has been solved.

Canton, GA


I love my Cheerful Red KitchenAid Coffee Maker.


I have always used a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker. When it quit I knew I was ready fora change. I purchased my KitchenAid from Lowes. The sales rep stated all the nice features on this particular model. I have been very pleased with my purchase. It might be a little higher than some other coffee makers but the features more than make up for that.  The KitchenAid Coffee maker has some very nice features. It has a coffee brew basket so you are not using paper coffee filters Which makes this green earth friendly. This is also nice for those who like a stronger coffee taste. The KitchenAid Coffee maker has a filter to help filter the water you use in the coffee maker. It also has a light to let you know when it is time to clean the filter. has a feature for brewing 4-6 cups of ccoffee, it preheats the water so that each cup is a good as a full pot of coffee. This KitchenAid coffee maker is full programmable. It also has an automatic shut off, it shuts itself off after 2 hours. The clock has kept time perfectly.   I recommend the Cheerful Red color for a great wake up and smile KitchenAid Coffee maker Sincerely, Bonnie Wilhoit

Greeneville, TN


KitchenAid ProLine is a So-So Line...


We did a great deal of research on this particular coffee pot before we finally decided it was the one we wanted and now I have mixed emotions about it.  We got this machine to replace a Bunn which we finally wore out after 7 yrs of faithful service.  We are hardcore coffee drinkers and can wear out a lesser machine in a matter of a few months.  The Proline makes a great cup of coffee but it still has issues.  Currently the timer and the water level function no longer work.  It has been in once for repairs already and I really don't feel like sending it in again.  It is a shame that it cannot be manufactured to the same quality standards as some of the company's other products. It is considered a restaurant quality machine and comes outfitted as such with two glass 12-cup pots and and extra red lid so one pot can be designated as "decaf".  I would assume there is a warmer involved in here someplace but it doesn't come with the machine.  The first thing I did was ditch the lid on the pot I use; its extremely poor construction led to a mess all over my counter when I tried to pour water into the reservoir of the machine.  The machine does make coffee FAST though and in my house that is a must when people are headed out the door to work or an appointment. It is also attractive and would not detract in anyway from the decor of the typical kitchen of today. As I said, I have mixed emotions about the machine.  It is expensive, the filters are expensive and have a short lifespan.  Does a good, quick cup of coffee balance everything else out?  We're thinking about getting something else and retiring this one to mass get together status if that says anything.

Greenville, OH


KitchenAid 12-Cup Pro Line Coffee Maker is a Thumbs Down!


The KitchenAid 12-Cup Pro Line coffee maker is a big disappointment.  It leaks water every time it it used.  When filling the water level for a 12-cup pot of coffee, the end result is only about 10 cups of coffee and it looks like about a cup of water on the counter.  The coffee pot itself must be poured very slowly or it will spill coffee out over the sides of the spout onto the counter or floor.  Buy stock in paper towels if you purchase this machine!

York, SC


KitchenAid Pro Line Series 12-Cup Coffee Maker

3.3 4