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KitchenAid Pro Line Dicing Food Processor

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Would I buy it again? Definitely!


I absolutely love this food processor. I've used it a few times a week for the past year with zero issues. I've made everything from nut butters to dough in it, with ease. It makes any slicing or dicing project a breeze and is extremely easy to clean. If I had got pick out one opportunity this appliance has that I'd like to see remedied on the next version it would be the diameter of the feed tube, it is a bit small for a pro-level appliance however I have not let that impact my score as it's not an issue to chop the bigger veggies down to size. I'd definitely recommend this product top anyone who spends a good deal of time in the kitchen chopping or dicing.

Minneapolis, MN


Big & Beautiful-A Serious Appliance for Passionate Cooks


This is a magnificent machine in every sense of the word. It dwarfs my old Cuisinart and looks every bit the serious appliance that it is. Serious is the operative word when referring to the KitchenAid food processor, because unless you enjoy having a gleaming thing of mechanical beauty on your counter merely to admire, it is not a piece of equipment for the casual cook. It's a dream machine that allows you to slice from thick to thin, chop and grate, adjust speeds, and best of all, it's a dicing dynamo. Power I only used the faster speed once; the regular speed was quite fast enough to suit my needs. Safety The slicing and grating discs-and the dicing grid-are extremely sharp; great care must be taken in using them but that's true of any sharp kitchen tool. KitchenAid has wisely engineered the slicing and grating discs with two holes-for your thumb and finger-allowing you to handle the discs safely. The dicing grid features these safety holes as well, and the top of the dicing kit assembly has a convenient handle. Ease of Assembly Here I found myself fumbling, a situation I chalk up to my lack of readiness: I didn't refer to the user's manual before testing the product. Be prepared! Read and review before you use this appliance, and watch the video provided on KitchenAid's website. Ease of Cleaning I put the parts of the food processor that were noted as being dishwasher safe in the dishwasher and was very satisfied with the results. On other occasions I washed the elements by hand in the sink. They clean up beautifully. Durability I can imagine this food processor outliving any grandchildren I might have.



KitchenAid Pro Line Dicing Food Processor

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