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KitchenAid KG304ER Food Processor

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Great for small jobs


I really like having this little contraption for small jobs with quick meals. I have used it for nuts, onions, celery and olives. It's great when I don't want to get out the bigger stuff that needs to be plugged in. the only problem I had was the nuts getting a little bit stuck on the blades but it was easy to pop them off and keep chopping. It works best for veggies but like I said for small jobs only. When I've used it for bigger jobs, my arm ended up getting tired from pumping it up and down but it's at least effective. The blade has stayed sharp and it's easy to clean. Overall it works for what it's intended and I'm glad that I own it.

Maricopa, AZ


not as efficient as I hoped


this was okay to start but it really depends on what you are chopping. I had no problems with some nuts like walnuts but raw almonds were very tricky and didn't seem to chop as evenly. Things like onions and garlic were also a little hit or miss and I found it took more time to chop pieces over and over to get the right than it would be for me to just chop it myself. Ultimately it didn't save me any time so I usually end up using my knife instead so I found it to be a waste of money. Power doesn't chop as thoroughly as I'd like on certain items Ease of Assembly very easy to use and put together Ease of Cleaning pretty easy to take a part and clean Durability not as durable as I had hoped

Los Angeles, CA


Small and handy!


My husband and I didn't want to put a lot of money into a fancy food processor, so instead we bought this one - and I'm glad we did! We don't use it all that often, but we definitely like the results! We use it to chop different things such as nuts and chocolate and it does without any issues - it makes a chore that could be dangerous and tedious, safe and easy. It is also compact, which we definitely like.



SALSA here I cocme with my Kitchen Aid Food Processor


Simple to use and even easier to clean. My kitchen attempts have failed in the past because I didn't embrace my lazy nature. Now, I turn to appliances like this Kitchen Aid for help. It does 99% of the work and just requires you to give a little effort for the chopping action. NO power needed except your own. Perfect for my laid back personality. I am a beginning cook for about 10 years now, I don't actually see myself as a foodie or chef wanna be, I know my true self and buy my kitchen tools to aid me. They do all the work and I'm richly rewarded. Power None Safety Couldn't be safer Ease of Cleaning Easier to clean then a spoon. Durability I will have this item until someone pries it from my cold dead fingers. I will go before it does.

Davison, MI


KitchenAid KG304ER Food Processor

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