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KitchenAid JavaStudio 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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A nice, safe, and reliable coffee maker


I have to say that it only takes one or two episodes of spilling hot coffee on yourself or burning your kitchen counter to become very particular about your home coffee maker. This is one item in the household that I feel you should never skimp on as it costs a lot more to fix your kitchen counter (not to mention skin burns) than it does to buy a good, quality, coffee pot. I drink a lot of coffee on a daily basis and have been very pleased with the KitchenAid JavaStudio 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. The capacity is more than adequate (10 cups per fill) and it doesn't have problems with leaking, etc. It is also very easy to use---I have had some coffee makers in the past that seem to be almost impossible to program correctly, but this one is quick and easy and I can wake up to nice, hot pot of coffee every morning without getting burned in the process! I highly recommend this coffee maker.

Spokane, WA


The KitchenAid JavaStudio Coffeemaker makes great coffee


We received the KitchenAid JavaStudio 10 cup programable coffeemaker as a gift a couple of years ago and it is the best coffeemaker we have had. First of all it does make a superior cup of coffee. We learned this a while back when we wanted a coffemaker for our downstairs master bedroom and we purchased a less expensive coffeemaker to use for our morning brew. After about 2 weeks of not very good coffee we switched it and brought the KitchenAid downstairs. We don't drink a lot of coffee, but we buy premium coffee and want a full flavor experience. When we make coffee at home we want it to taste as good as the coffee we get in a coffee shop. The KitchenAid has a filter inside the water reservoir that improves the quality of the brew. It also has a button to push for making 1-4 cups, which I think slows down the brewing time so the coffee steeps long enough to get the full flavor. It has a light that comes on that tells you when the filter and tank need cleaning. It is easy to use, the lid lifts up and the filter drops in easily and it is easy to fill the water reservoir. The only minor drawbacks are: the pot fits in pretty tightly so you have to hold on to the machine when you pull the pot out, and it sometimes drips coffee onto the heating plate and it gets burned on and the teflon finish has come off from cleaning it up. Mine is KitchenAid Red and I think it is very attractive and a nice design style. If I ever need to replace this one I would definitely consider buying another KitchenAid coffeemaker.

Sedalia, CO


Kitchen Aid CoffeeMaker brews excellent coffee when you want it.


I must admit that I bought the Kitchen Aid 10-cup Coffee Maker because it matched my red KitchenAid Mixer.  Since using the coffee maker, however, I have found much more to be pleased with than the matching color.  (Although the variety of colors available in the KitchenAid line is impressive.)  This coffee maker can produce large quantities - up to ten cups.  It also comes with a copper filter so disposable filters are unnecessary.  The coffee pot is programmable, so you can set it up at night, set the timer, and have coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning.  There is a red LED type clock on the coffee pot, so it also serves as a kitchen clock for me.  My one complaint about the coffee pot is that it is difficult to fully clean.  There is a space in between the lid & the glass pot that water seeps into, yet I can't remove the lid fully to clean there.  Ultimately, it is the taste of the brewed coffee that earns my approval from this coffee maker.  There's a significant difference in the quality of coffee made by this brewer than others I've tried.

Anniston, AL


KitchenAid JavaStudio 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

4.7 3