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KitchenAid JavaStudio 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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Stainless Carafe doesn't keep coffee warm!


I love kithchenaid products and never regreted spending money on any of them, except for my coffee maker. I love the stilish stainless still and it's appearance, also, it makes coffee really fast plus you can programm you coffee every morning and get it right on time; the downside is that the stainless still carafe doens't keep your coffe warm enough, it goes cold from the time it just brew (my husband microwaves his coffe again so he can drink it hot!) and the carafe drips all over the place. I was serving coffe to friends once, and got drips all over my towel, not to mention the shame!!! also, think about the pricey water filter that goes with it...I'm probably buying a different coffer maker soon!

Clermont, FL


makes very nice coffee


I am the kind of person who cannot get through the morning without a cup of coffee. This coffee maker is great because I can make my own coffee in my own home and I do not have to pay money every morning for a cup of coffee. The coffee maker makes me my coffee quickly and I can get to work faster because I am able to avoid all of the other lines in the other stores. The pot of coffee stays fresh for a long time and it tastes very good. Cleaning the coffee pot is not easy. I do not mind cleaning the actual coffee pot because it is wide enough for my hand to reach every part of it. I just do not like cleaning the other parts of the coffee maker because they are small. When I have this coffee maker on, it is quiet and not noisy. I love to make coffee using this coffee maker because I do not need to get up early so I can beat the traffic at the local coffee shop. The price is also inexpensive and affordable.

Willimantic, CT


Kitchenaid Coffee Maker Makes perfect coffee every time


To all those coffee lovers like me. Dont' you love to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. I mean, who has time to make a cup of coffee in the morning, not me. So I prepare a pot of coffee at night before going to bed, and just set it and forget it. My KitchenAid Themal Carafe Coffee Maker does the rest with the best cup of coffee in the morning. It serves up to 10 cups, and is programed to stay warm for 120 minutes. It is very well made, and easy to work. The coffee is brewed into a stainless steel themal carafe which keeps the coffee warmer then glass carafes. I have had many other coffee makers, and I must say the KitchenAid Programable Coffee Maker is the best one I have ever had. You will be very happy with KitchenAid it is a brand you trust. The taste and freshness of every cup is great. My family, friends and neighbors always say "that's a great cup of coffee", and I am sure if you buy one you will agree.

Monroe Township, NJ


KitchenAid JavaStudio 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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