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KitchenAid Built-in Dishwasher

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I don't even need to rinse the dishes with the KitchenAid washer


     The Kitchen Aid dish washer is very quiet, has a delay setting, which I never thought I'd use, but have used quite a bit, and has a child lock to keep my button pushing son out of it.       I like that I don't have to wash the dishes before I wash the dishes.  I rarely rinse very much because it has it's own rinse cycle if I don't have a full load and plan to let it sit over night.  That saves a lot of water in the long run.  It only uses about a gallon of water to rinse the whole load, whereas if I were doing it I'd use more than that.       The clean button light that stays on until you close it again keeps us from loading dirty dishes into a clean load.       The silverware basket comes out, which makes putting the silverware away a lot easier.  The top basket has adjustable height for those large cookie sheets and cutting boards I want to put in the bottom.       The stainless steel interior keeps smells from sticking.  That also makes it easier to clean.  Everything except the really big pieces of food goes right down the drain.      There's also an energy saver dry and heavy light and normal load settings to save energy.  Very practical.       Two of our neighbors also have this modle and all three families like it.

Cleveland, OH


KitchenAid Built-in Dishwasher

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