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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
KitchenAid Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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Awesome Product!!


Can I just say I love this refrigerator so much. After many years with a lesser brand, my family and I went to a major department store in hopes of finding something spectacular. So glad we picked this refrigerator. I love how much space this offers my growing family. I store a multitude of things in my refrigerator( I preserve my makeup by putting it in the refrigerator)... Anyways, I only have one small problem with this refrigerator, the freezer at the bottom. I love the freezer being on the bottom because of the small children in my household have easy access to their frozen treats, but I can see this bottom freezer getting on someone's nerves. Other than that, great purchase. Recommended.

Cleveland, GA


Fits everything very good quality


I had this freezer refrigerator for a year, never had a complain. Everything fits perfectly, though it takes a lot of space. Also it is really easy to clean most of its shelves slide so that you won't have to take them out in order to be able to clean those spills. Doesn't make any noise you won't even feel it is there.



I love my KitcheAid


I love the freezer on the bottom.  I never realized how often the freezer was opened when it was on top until I got the bottom freezer.  My kids hardly ever open the freezer now unless they know what they are looking for.  No more random looks to see what they want to eat.  They seem to focus on the fridge part now.  I also love the glass shelves and bins you can see in.  There are wide shelves on the door that can hold a gallon of milk.  Yeah!!  I love that I can buy 6 gallons of milk a week and put them anywhere!

Saint Paul, MN


KitchenAid Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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