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Works great until the rubber coupling fails


Warning, the rubber coupling is a design flaw. As the rubber ages it disintegrates so the blades can't be turned by the motor. If you google the model number and 'rubber' you'll see hundreds of posts complaining about the same thing.


Boulder, CO


Wish there was a 4.5 star rating....


I hope I have selected the correct place to model number reads KSB5WH3 Anyway...the only reason I have given this KitchenAid Blender four stars is that there is not a 4.5 option and because I have a second KitchenAid blender of different model that I like better and it needs to be rated higher than this. The KA blender is heavy and heavy duty...the motor/base will hurt if you drop on your foot and the caraffe is thick glass. The initial reason for buying a KA blender is the glass...dishwasher safe and can handle hot items safely. The lid of this blender is some form of thick rubber that I do not care for...but it is sturdy and liuids do not shoot out the edges. There are five speeds and this model starts each speed slowly...a feature I do not care for either but if you do this works well. The face/buttons are one piece of...plastic??? similar ro current washing machine buttons so you can wipe off the front in one wipe. No gunk in the buttons. The pitcher is simple to take apart and put together and despite all the parts being tossed in the dishwasher (top rack) I have not noticed any cracking on the rubber o ring thingie... I mostly make smoothies from frozen fruit/juice/yogurt and the motor can handle it...just some times the frozen items get swirled up and it takes a second to come down so the metal can grasp again to blend. I bought this blender second hand so I would have a back up pitcher for my other KA blender and did not realize I had bought the wrong model till I got home so I am stuck with it but I don;t really mind...the things I don;t like are simply things that are different from my favorite blender...if this is your first KA blender I doubt you would be unhappy.


Birmingham, AL


KItchen Aid Blender,Model # KSB3WH3 is Awesome


The household blender model # KSB3WH3 made by Kitchen Aid is a very good blender. When my son returned from colledge the Kitchen Aid Blender is one of the many things that returned with him and when he got married the blender stayed at my house. I am not complaining because my blender "died"a few years back and I had not replaced it. I use the blender for many things,such as crushing ice,soups,smoothies and much more. My favorite thing to make are smoothies.I found a very good smoothie recipe when my blender was broken down and I could not wait to try it. I did try it and now I can't seem to get enough of them. They are delicious! My son's Kitchen Aid blender is wonderful. It has a heavy duty glass pitcher that holds five cups/forty ounces.It has an on / off switch and four settings which include,stir, mix, liquify. and pulse. The on switch has a flashing light which indicates when it is ready to operate. My son graduated in 2005 and he used it at school for the four previous years. That should make it about ten years old and it is still works very well.


Rocky Mount, NC


KitchenAid Blender

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