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KitchenAid Architect Series II Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Far better fridges out there now


We purchased this refrigerator only a couple of years old from my parents about 6 years ago. Within 6 months the compressor had gone out. It was no longer covered under warranty. The refrigerator was not that old and it should never have had issues that early on. However, after having the compressor fixed, we have had not more problems. I do like the storage space in the fridge. The door has several shelves that are very roomy and the glass shelves in the actual fridge part are great and easier to contain spills. However, the crisping drawers have a knob that controls moisture and temperature level. This knob is very easily changed unintentionally as the drawer is slid open. More than several times, I have opened my fruit drawer to find that all my fruit has been frozen (and then ends up mushy) because the temperature was changed to the coldest setting with my knowledge. The freezer has sufficient space but the wire shelves are very useless. The baskets are constantly off track and cannot be put back properly. The shelves allow messes to leak. Overall, such a huge flaw with the baskets, I would never purchase this refrigerator combo again! Temperature Control the main temperature control is fine, but the secondary one for the crisping drawer is very bad! Design see the complaint about the freezer design above!

Spring, TX


would have given 5star if ice and water dispenser wasnt so wild


DONT GET ME WRONG- i *absolutely loooove this new fridge of mine.* looks amazing in st/steel in my new kitchen. like ALL ice makers,water dispensers,,,it seems eventually, u just find urself opening up the door, reaching ur hand inside and just grabbing the ice cubes- b/c inevetably, whenever we 'try"- whether on cubes or worse, ice chips (shredded ice) it just seems that unless u really "stick the glass way up on under the nozzle" the ice goes into the glass, and overspits onto the floor etc. i think its just so friggin powerful that it cant be avoided. i searched for months on picking the perfect appliances for my new home. Bought 6 in total. this fridge at the time i bought it 1 and half yrs ago... was the largest cubic foot interior capacity of ANY side by side. if i had the room , i would have flanked a full standing freezer next to a full standing fridge. to creat a "look" of a sub zero- but at a fraction of the cost. Both in stainless, of course. But i got this one. i LOOVE that a 23lb turkey fits in the freezer part. Unheard of for any reg side by side.  

Closter, NJ


Kitchenaid Stainless Steel Refrigerator


When it came time to replace our refrigerator, we were fortunate to find this Kitchenaid refrigerator on sale at a local retailer.  As mentioned by the previous reviewer, on the of the best features we liked was the ice maker being built into the freezer door rather than on the shelf of the freezer allowing for more freezer storage.  This refrigerator keeps food cold and has a feature to adjust the temperature as needed.  The glass shelves and see through storage drawers make it easy to locate items in the refrigerator.  I will say the refrigerator has a feature in the door to hold six soda cans, which could have been used for alternative storage shelving.  The biggest drawback we have experienced with this refrigerator is the design of the water/ice feature in the door.  The drip pan under the two levers is not removable making it difficult to keep clean.  Also, the angle of the levers make it difficult to fill a glass with water or ice without spilling it.  Further, the depth of the drip tray is very small, which also allows for water/ice spillage down the front of the refrigerator.  Even with these few flaws, we still really like the refrigerator.

Keller, TX


KitchenAid Architect Series II Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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