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KitchenAid Architect Series II French Door Refrigerator KBFS22EWMS

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Liked the fridge until the nerve jangling noise started.


I purchased this Kitchen Aid refrigerator less than 2 years ago and have an extended warranty. A few weeks ago the fridge started making an annoying racket when the compressor turns on. This noise can last for hours. The repair man said it is NOT repairable since it is coming from within the walls of the fridge. The warranty co. and Kitchen Aid have refused to swap out the fridge saying that since it is cooling they have no liability. The noise is a nuisance factor (indeed it is). I am considering suing them since this is not a noise one can get used to. The repair man suggested tacking carpet to the walls behing the appliance to muffle the sound. I shouldn't have to carpet my walls to tolerate an appliance. What an expensive mistake. There is NO customer service from Kitchen Aid, buyer beware!! Noise Level See my comments above, The noise that the refrigerator makes is nerve jangling. I am now afraid to invite guests to my house because it would annoy the day lights out of them to endure the noise. Interior Organization I liked the fridge before the noise factor.



KitchenAid refrigerator


I love this fridge. We have the counter depth since that's what fits in our kitchen, so it is not as deep as I would like. But the French doors make access much easier. The open door alarm is great, letting me know when the kids haven't closed the door all the way.

Waukesha, WI


This is a great fridge that is functional and user friendly!


Love this fridge and its lay out! I like the open door alarm feature as well... Because my kids tend to not fully shut the door! The water dispenser inside is nice too. Interior Organization Love the large bottom drawer! I use it to put all of my kids' snacks! Temperature Control Like the gauges that tell me how cold each area is.

Allendale, MI


Sleek and Sexy


This refrigerator may not be worth the buck for the amount of bang it gives you. I, however, was completely entranced by its sleek black design. I'm a sucker for aesthetics and I fell in love with this baby when I saw her. The refrigeration unit keeps my foods at a moderate temperature and I really have no problem with its function. So far, things are moving smoothly and I haven't had to replace anything. The pictures do not do this refrigerator justice as deep within its beautiful surface lay and even more glamorous inside. Let its beauty intrigue you.



This refrigerator is awesome


**KitchenAid Architect Series II: KBFS22EWBL 21.9 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator is awesome. I have just redone my kitchen and decided that I needed to upgrade my appliances. My challenge was to find appliances that would be functional and stay in style for a least a few years. I knew I was going to spend quite a bit of money for the refrigerator and was willing to do so because I wanted something that I would keep for more than a few years. That's why I choose the KitchenAid Architect Series. I went with the French Door because I wanted a modern functional refrigerator. I am so glad I went with this model I had looked at the side by side models but realized that I wouldn't be able to put my big trays in the refrigerator ( I do a lot of baking and cooking). That's why I went with the French Door refrigerator. I love the two doors on the top. I feel that it is very spacious and has tons of room for everything. **

La Grange, IL


KitchenAid Architect Series II French Door Refrigerator KBFS22EWMS

3.8 5