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KitchenAid Architect Series II Freestanding Freezer & Ice Maker KUIC15NLTS

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Yummy square chunks of ice are oh so very nice


After researching for several months, we finally decided on this icemaker. Our previous three icemakers (in a period of five years, I might add) were Kenmore Elites. They just couldn't cut it. I talked to a huge amount of sales people and read countless reviews. Basically, the Scotsman is the one icemaker brand ultimately recommended by everyone, BUT my darling husband cannot stand the shape of the Scotsman ice, so we went with this. I was told that Uline icemakers have tremendous problems and not to expect any ice maker (other than the Scotsman) to last more than five years. So, we went for looks (stainless with a pretty handle), features (lit inside, continually producing ice, quietness), and value and ended up with this product. We've been very pleased with the cute square cubes it produces and with the warranty we purchased, as we feel certain we'll need it! So far, so good!

Lufkin, TX


Stays broken constantly


Great idea, great ice but does very prone to breaking down.  When we purchased we also bought the extended warranty, good thing we did.  Broke 5 or more times the first 2 years we owned.  tried to extend the warranty and were told they quit selling warranties on these items.  that alone should tell you enough.

Eddy, TX


KitchenAid Architect Series II Freestanding Freezer & Ice Maker KUIC15NLTS

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