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KitchenAid Architect 6-Speed Hand Mixer

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KitchenAid 6-Speed Hand Mixer - I don't need any other one!


We received the KitchenAid 6-speed hand mixer ("The Architect") as a wedding present from our wedding last October. When we were creating our wedding registry, we knew we needed a hand mixer and did lots of research. We went to to research all of the various appliances that we needed. When researching hand mixers. this site voted "The Architect" as one of the best hand mixers available! We loved the features and components that was offered in the product description, but we really fell in love with this product when we got the chance to use it after receiving it as a present from a friend. We used it to make all of our Christmas cookies, and the beater attachment worked really well! We have yet to use the blending rod, but are excited to use it this summer while making smoothies! We also thought that the eject button worked well (in past experience, pressing the eject button was awkward and the beaters always ended up in our batter!). We also liked that the mixer wasn't loud while we were using it. We bake infrequently, so the fact that it only has six speeds is perfect for us.

Chicago, IL


Kitchenaid 6 speed mixer is great!


I had finally had the time to do more baking, so I was looking to upgrade from my trusty whisk. I do not have the space nor the money for a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, but I was still looking to get something of good quality. I decided on this mixer since I know that Kitchenaid makes quality mixers. The price was not too bad with a coupon, and I am happy with the price I paid for such a good little machine. There are 6 speeds that all work wonderfully for your baking needs. However, if you are baking for many people, then you may want to get a bigger mixer. The mixer is attractive and when stored in its box does not take up very much room. It is easy to clean and to use, and consistently gives me good, smooth batter in a short amount of time. The blender attachment is easy to use as well, and is great for instant drinks!

Spring Valley, WI


Great Mixer


We got this mixer when our other mixer died. It was a bit pricey, but it has lasted us a long time. It has 6 different speeds which is great for cooking various things. The mixer doesn't go as fast as I thought it would and when making frosting (with 9 cups of powdered sugar) it gets a little stiff, as would any mixer is my assumption. It has a nice look to it and cleans up very well. I am very happy with this purchase. Our other mixer wasn't a "kitchen aide" and so I think this one will last longer because of the name brand. Kitchen Aide is a very good company and it has made products that last, and this is one of them. For a small hand mixer this is great. It doesn't take up a lot of space and has variable speeds. The beaters are easy to put in and easy to get out. The reason its easy to clean is the part where the beaters are is like a stainless steel or easier to clean, it's not a textured surface or anything. Great purchase!

Pocatello, ID


Amazing mixer!


I use this mixer all the time to make cucpakes and different muffin and cake mixes and it works wonders. Every time I get an evenly mixed batter than has no lumps. I like that there are two attachments the beaters and the blender that come with to serve all your baking needs. I can make the cake batter with the beaters and then blend a nice think whipping cream for the icing using the blender, all using the same machine. I love it! I have used many mixers before and this one just seems to make the batter smooth much quicker than other mixers. I also worked at Williams Sonoma for a while and tried out different mixers. This mixer is good quality but a lot cheaper than any other mixer sold at the same quality. This prodcut is very good especially if you are looing for something small to fit in your kitchen it does not take up as much room as a stand mixer and as long as you have a nice bowl to mix in, it's perfect!

Serena, IL


KitchenAid Architect 6-Speed Hand Mixer

4.5 4