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KitchenAid 90th Anniversary 5-Quart Stand Mixer

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Love this mixer!


I love my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer! I especially like the new flex-beater that scrapes the sides. A very nice addition. I made a lot of cookies this past year and it made the job so much easier to keep my arms from getting so tired. It is also great for making the fluffy white frosting I like to make out of egg whites and sugar. In the past I had to hold a hand mixer for 8-10 minutes. Not any more! A great addition for this baker!


Essex, MD


Great mixer, even for seasonal baker!


I wish I could rank this between a 4 and 5 because there is so much I love about this mixer, but the couple of annoyances are just that, annoying. Firstly, I have to say that I have had this mixer for nearly 4 years and I love it! I am not a frequent baker/mixer but when I pull out this mixer, it's because I need the speed and strength of this mixer to get the job done. This mixer has handled the toughest projects I have thrown at it, including my Grandmaw's refrigerated, no bake, fruitcake. The biggest factor in my decision to purchase this particular style of mixer is that it was the only one that came with a glass mixing bowl, which I have always preferred. However, the bowl has proved disappointing in some regard. There is a large hump in the bottom of the bowl, and no matter what attachment I use, I still end up having to pull the bowl off and giving it a thorough scraping to mix the items that get stuck on that hump. The only other complaint I have about this mixer is how tight the lever is for turning it on and adjusting the speed. The amount of force I have to apply usually ends up sending the mixer shooting past the first notch of 'stir' and sending exploding bursts of dry ingrdients into my face. Of course, after getting used to it, I have learned how to adjust it "just so", but I don't think it should require that much finesse. On the whole, these are minor complaints, and I absolutely love this mixer. I would definitely purchase a KitchenAid mixer again. Ease of Cleaning When ingredients splash out of the bowl, there are a few nooks and crannys that are a pain to get clean. Design Great machine, just annoyed by the large bump in the bottom af the glass bowl.




The Mixer I've Ever Owned!


I LOVE this stand mixer. Its the greatest mixer ever! The color is wonderful. I had to have the glass bowl and I'm glad I chose this one. The glass bowl is amazing and can go in the microwave if necessary which is an awesome addition compared to those metal bowls. You can use this for so many things and makes work in the kitchen that much easier! I definitely recommend this item!


Phoenix, AZ


Food never tasted better


Buy it!!! Buy it!!! I love to cook and bake and I finally got this stand mixer. My food has never tasted better, plus I don't have to work as hard. There are so many attachments that I got rid of some of my other appliances. Kitchen Counter Room Here I Come!!! I also spend less time preparing the food so I have time to make more food. Just try it and you will be hooked. Mixing Performance Mixing if faster, smoother out come than a hand mixer. Ease of Cleaning Just rinse and go again. Ease of Use Instructions are easy and using the mixer is Very easy. Design Very slim for a counter item. Has weight to it so it stays where you put it. Awesome color and an eye catcher. Durability I tend to go through hand mixers and even break other stand mixers but this one stands the test of my time. Plus excellent warranty.


Lakewood, WA


If love had a motor, this would be it!


I looooooooove this mixer. Seriously, on some days, I love it more than I love my husband. No joke. After all, my husband doesn't make perfectly mixed muffin batter. The main thing I love about this mixer is that it's perfect for a busy mom. I can throw in the ingredients for cookies or a cake and walk away for a few moments while it gets everything prepped to put into the oven. Because honestly, I don't have time to stand around with a spatula or a hand-mixer and stir ingredients for a dessert. Some days, I'm lucky to even have clean dishes or socks. I also love that this mixer is so attractive looking. It takes up a lot of space on my counter, but it's worth it. It looks so sharp and signifies credibility as a cook (ha!) that I don't mind. I also like that it has attachments;  I have the pasta one -- making homemade pasta is amazing! -- and plan to get the ice cream one. This is such a great mixer. My favorite appliance by far!


Tacoma, WA


great mixer!


I received this mixer from my husband as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. It sat in the box for a long time since our tiny kitchen didn't have much counterspace and it's a rather large product. It would be too heavy and tall to keep in a cupboard and pull out to use when needed. I finally got it out and set it up but didn't use it much. When I first used it I was able to figure it out right away. It's very straightforward and easy to use. Although, admittedly I'm not sure what some of the attachments are for (like the plastic one and the hook).  I now use my mixer on a weekly basis. I've been baking a lot of pastries like muffins, cupcakes, and breads from scratch. This mixer makes the job so much easier. It's fast, smooth, powerful, and not too loud. It also cleans up easily. The stainless steel bowl is heavy-duty and easy to wipe clean. The outside is also durable. It looks so nice in our kitchen with my red and black decor.


Eugene, OR


Can't imagine baking without i!


I got the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from my mother-in-law for Christmas a few years ago.  I had never used one before and didn't grow up in a home where a stand mixer was used, so it sat on my counter for about a year not getting any use.  My mother-in-law came to visit and I watched as she whipped up a batch of cookie dough in the mixer in no time.  I finally decided to give it a try myself after she left. I will never go back to a regular hand mixer now-in the past three years, this mixer has made countless cakes, cookies, brownies, casseroles, breads, and so much more!! I love it-you can just turn it on and get your other ingredients ready without having to stand there holding the mixer.  It scraps the sides of the bowl on its own really well and, despite being used A LOT, has had absolutely no problems.  In fact, my mother in law has had her Kitchenaid for over 25 years and it still works perfectly!! I'm looking forward to baking with mine just as long!!


Lehi, UT


The perfect Stand Mixer!


I was going to go for a KitchenAid Artisan series mixer, but I was talked out of it.  I couldn't tell if the inside is made from all-metal parts.  Some of my family members purchased one a while ago, and were disappointed how easily it broke.  This 90th anniversary mixer is a 5-quart with ALL METAL PARTS!  VERY durable, with a wonderful candy apple red color.  I love the all-glass mixing bowl.  I can easily see how well the food is mixing.  The bowl is VERY thick, and not easy to break!  This mixer has the tilting feature, so you don't have to crank the bowl down to access the food inside.  I love that feature - it makes it much more convenient to get a spatula in it and scrape the sides.  I've heard that basic 4.5 or 5 quart metal mixing bowls will also fit this model, so you can always go back and forth from metal to glass if you want to.  It takes all the usual attachments that Kitchenaid is known for, and I'm looking forward to getting more of those.  ABSOLTELY NO REGRETS!


Alexandria, OH


KitchenAid 90th Anniversary 5-Quart Stand Mixer

4.8 8