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KitchenAid 720-0745A Gas Grill

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I enjoy that this grill is connected to the natural gas line on the house and never have to replace propane tanks. A natural gas grill requires a gas line at the location of your grill. If your kitchen is next to your porch or deck, a handyman should be able to easily run a line outside. Some barbecue purists might claim charcoal is the only way to go, but a natural gas grill still provides a clean-burning, easy-to-use grill experience. The gas line is more permanent than propane or charcoal, which is a big plus for some people. You don't have to worry about lighting charcoal, cleanup, or running out of propane in the middle of a batch of grilled chicken. The natural gas is an economical choice as well, since you're not paying for charcoal or lighter fluid, and the cost of the fuel is included in your natural gas bill.The stainless steel surfaces are beautiful and easy to clean. It has an easy ignition which takes about 4 seconds to learn and initiate. Most natural gas grills have an electric ignition for quick start up. When it comes to the rest of the features, that depends greatly on how much you want to pay and how elaborate you want your grilling setup. The most basic gas grills have two to four burners with a single cooking surface. This will do just fine for basic burger and hot dog grilling. At the very least, you want a grill that will start up easily and provide and even cooking heat. The ignition is very sturdy. This grill has the usual hot and cool spots as most do, but I have figured that out and move the food around accordingly.



KitchenAid 720-0745A Gas Grill

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