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KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer

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My K5A was bought in 1/20/ problems ever


I raised 7 children using my sliced and shredded more vegetables than I can count it also made countless loaves of bread and cakes and cupcakes .....I canned food and cooked food all with the help of my favoritw mixer as well as used it in my cake decorating business


Petal, MS


The perfect kitchen companion.


Now that I have this mixer I can't believe that I went so long without it. I use this for everything from whipped cream to cookies to meatballs. I can put five pounds of ground beef in and it mixes the ingredients without batting an eye. I also love all of the attachments that I can use on the front for shredding cheese or veggies for relishes. The various speeds are very helpful especially when making pizza crust where I need to change settings when working with the dough. Having the bowl move up and down is very convenient. I can lower it when I want to add ingredients or I use the plastic cover to add flour while it mixing giving me less of a mess to clean up afterwards. The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean as well.


Lebanon, OR


An Absolute must have for any baker


I received this mixer as a wedding gift 15 years ago and have never had a minute of trouble with it.  I use it all the time.  I especially love to use it for making homemade bread.  It works great for mixing and kneading bread.  I just let the mixer do the work. The motor in this is strong enough to knead a double batch of bread. Who needs a bread machine?  I don't have any of the many attachments that are available for this mixer.  I'm sure that it is capable of doing WAY more than I use it for.  I like the fact that the bowl lifts up instead of the mixer head lifting.  I love the stainless steel bowl.  This is the most important appliance in my kitchen except the oven of course.  If you are going to spend money on a mixer this is the one you should buy.  The enamel finish on this has held beautifully as well.  Mine is white and has never chipped or been scratched despite the fact that it is used by 3 rowdy children as well. 


Belle Chasse, LA


THE must have tool for the serious home-chef


I love my KitchenAid mixer! It is my one must-have tool for cooking for my family of seven. It easily handles a double batch of cinnamon roll dough, pizza dough, cookies and more. It's not just for bread-makers. I use it on a daily basis for nearly everything I make from whipping cream to meatloaf. I have the spill cover attachment, which is helpful when adding things like flour. The only problem I've ever had was my own fault. I let something fall into the mixer while it was running and it jammed. I had to have a gear replaced. It has been working great for many years since then. I prefer the white plastic(?) covered mixer attachments. They are easier to clean and last better. I've met others who have different attachments they've had to have replaced. This mixer is very sturdy and has held up very will to 10 years heavy use. I like the bowl-lift version that have verus the head-tilt version others I know have. It feels more steady and sturdy. The only thing I know of that I don't like is there are a few corners that can be hard to get at when cleaning the mixer base. The metal snap the locks the bowl is hard to clean behind.  The finish has been very long lasting. It hasn't chipped or marked up. It's easy to clean over all, with the minor exception I noted. It also isn't as nosiy as some other models I've seen. A 10-speed whip can get loud, but the motor itself runs smoothly and quietly. My new favorite attachment is the ice cream maker. I was just given this for my birthday and it works great! I love that a KitchenAid allows you to do many different kitchen chores with one tool, rather than having several appliances either on your counter or in your cupboards.


Portland, OR


KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer

5.0 4