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KitchenAid 25.4 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator KSRS25RVBL

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This looked like a beautiful fridge in the brightly lit store. All those wonderful shelves and door compartments galore. Got it home plugged it in attempted to fill it with a family of 6 grocery needs. It was a nightmare from that moment on. Good thing we kept the older one in the basement for back up storage. After a few months it stared falling apart literally. First was the meat drawer when my youngest reached in for and didn't close the drawer all the way but closed the door on it cracked in half down the front. Then slowly but surely each of the door bin cracked and or just broke off. Next came the freezer shelves. The brackets made to hold the shelves broke off one and two at a time. Last straw was when the bottom glass shelf was broke n at the plastic frame that went around and the already broken meat drawer no longer moved and sat on the crisper drawer. I had had it with this ill designed appliance. Yes we are a large family but the GE we had for 12 years never broke like this and I am hoping my new one doesn't either. Durability Started falling apart before it was a year old. Design Shelving and the brackets along with the door bins really need to be redesigned.



Some pros and cons with this fridge.


My favorite thing about this fridge is the compartments and way it is organized. I am able to fit all of my groceries in here nice and easy. It is a good size and I also like how the shelves pull out in the freezer. The cons about the fridge are the refrigeration never gets cold enough even on the max setting. I have called customer service an while they were friendly and offered some hints it didn't ever really solve the problem. The freezer however stays very cold. The con about the water/ice maker is that it gets clogged with ice occasionally and it freezes and its a bit of a pain, however it makes ice quickly and easily when it is working properly. There is a low humidity feature on the trays for meats and vegetables and that is a nice added feature and those actually stay a little colder than the rest of the fridge. Overall, it works, however when we are ready to replace it we would not get the same model and will research them.

Stevenson Ranch, CA


KitchenAid 25.4 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator KSRS25RVBL

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