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Kitchen Selectives
Kitchen Selectives Can Opener

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This Was Supposed To Make My Life Easier Not Harder!


When our beloved electric can opener bit the dust, we began our search for another to replace it. One of the can openers considered was Kitchen Selectives Can Opener. We got very frustrated with it and returned it. Despite there being a magnet on it and a promise of strong grip, we just did not find this can opener useful. Performance Although opening a can started out okay, as we continued to try to finish opening a can, and often if we did not have a manual opener handy, I would be frustrated and irritated with this opener. The promise was to make things EASIER but it didn't finish the job well. As for larger cans - nope, didn't work like it should have. I should not have to work so hard to use a device that is supposed to make my life easier! Durability I can not testify to durability over time, but just in usefulness, it just was not durable nor did it do what it was supposed to. I don't feel that the blade was sharp enough or something because cans were not opened well enough. Design There was such a frustrating time with this unit that it was returned. The blade was not at the right angle, or was not sharp enough or something, because I ended up having to re-open the lid again with another can opener. For that I could have used the manual opener to begin with!

Podunk, NY


Two out of three times I finish opening with a hand opener


It doesn't seem to be sharp enough to cut the lid off and bogs down before cutting it off. Often the opener is too short for the can. I would be sorry to ever give this to a newly wed for fear of establishing poor expectations of the rest of the marriage. I am completely disappointed



this product is not worth the price


this product is not worth the price. I would not recommend anyone to get one unless you just want to waste your time and money. It did not work as it was supposed to. If anyone would want to use it as a paperweight then by all means go out and get one for your household. I hope that you have no expectations, Or at least you are prepared for disappointment.

Andover, VA


Kitchen Selectives Can Opener

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