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Kitchen Selectives
Kitchen Selectives 4-Quart SC-422

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The cooker is fine and works well for it's purpose but it does not have a basket, nor can you fry things in it. As it IS a slow cooker, I know it can not do some things but I really don't like the inset ceramic dish but it works great for soups, stews and other one pot meals.



Excellent Value for a Slow Cooker


This is a great value for a basic crockpot! It's a good size to cook for just a couple of people, and very easy to use. Excellent for soups and stews and small roasts or chickens. Time to Heat Heats fast and ready to cook quickly. Cooking Performance My favorite crock pot dish is chili and it comes out delicious every time! The smells are heavenly. Ease of Cleaning The lift-out crock makes it a zip to clean. Ease of Use Add your ingredients, set the control to high or low, and you're done. What could be easier? Design I like using a round crock pot like this much better than oval. Durability Works right every time!

Chatsworth, GA


Kitchen Selectives 4-Quart SC-422

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