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Kitchen Gourmet
Kitchen Gourmet Waffle Maker

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poorly made, slow cooking, junk


REALLY ! How can you screw up a waffle maker? Apparently pretty bad. The only reason this thing got any points at all is because hey, it's a waffle maker. The plates were crudely cast, rough Teflon coating and takes 15 minutes to make one set of waffles. Ease of Use Cooking/power light turns off before waffle is done



easy home made waffles with the kitchen gourmet waffle maker


my family of six loves waffles, and can go through a box of toaster waffles in one day! to be a more thrifty mom i decided to try the kitchen gourmet waffle maker. great decision! it is so easy to use. just prepare boxed waffle or pancake mix or make your own. wait for the light on the waffle maker to tell you that it is ready. add the mix. wait a couple minutes, until they are golden brown, and remove. so simple. it is easy to clean also. the no stick surface helps the waffle to come right out and leave almost no mess. just wipe it down and put it away. the only thing to be careful of is not to spill any waffle mix outside of the designated area. if it gets into the cracks or by the wire it can be hard to clean. the kitchen gourmet waffle maker is small and easy to store. it has been a real money saver for my family.

Muskegon, MI


the kitchen gourmet waffle maker is conveniently small and light


The kitchen gourmet waffle maker was convenient and was very easy to put away. It is also very simple to use that my 9 year old daughter did most of it. It is a little messy and hard to clean if the mix were to get on the coil toward the back of the waffle maker. Also the left side didn't cook thoroughly and most of the waffles had to be trashed. The ready light did come on, my opinion is the left side just wasn't getting hot enough. I did like the lock latch on the handle to keep the lid closed and anxious hands from trying to pull waffles from being done to soon. Waffles did take awhile to get made with the waffle maker. To long for a few waffles. I do like trying to make quick meals and waffles would be one of them, unfortunately this product was not one of my favorite choices to use for preparing a quick meal for my family before school. To sum it up, yes the waffle maker is a quick and easy meal fixer, but no I would not suggest it.

Midlothian, TX


Waffles, waffles, and more waffles


I love making home made waffles, you can make as many different kinds of waffles as you want with one of these waffle maker's, it's so easy, a teenager could even do this, and a mother would'nt have to worry about the safety of using it.  All you have to do is get yourself one of these waffle maker's and some ready made pancake batter, and pour the batter in the waffle maker when the light comes on to let you know that the waffle maker is ready for you to make your waffles.  Pour the batter in the bottom of it, put your favorite topping on there too, close the waffle top, wait about five minutes, or til the light goes on and off again, pull up the top, and they should be ready.  It has a non stick coating so all of your waffles will not stick to the pan.  You will have picture perfect waffles all of the time, and clean up is a sinch, just wipe down and go on about your business.  It is that simple.

Tucson, AZ


Kitchen Gourmet Waffle Maker

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