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Kitchen Gourmet
Kitchen Gourmet Electric Food Processor

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Convienence in the kitchen


This is a nice convience in the kitchen. Its ideals for anything from baby food to salad. This does consume a lot of electricity. I have used it for anywhere from making lettuce salad to chopping pecans for pecan pie. Power This thing has a lot of power for sure. You can change speeds anywhere from slow to super fast (when you have to sometimes hold it down!). Safety Safety is ok. I mean if you don't pay attention and put your finger or something else in the bland its gonna get cut off just like in anything else. Ease of Assembly Assembly is pretty easy. You can take out the container and put it back. It also has a lock for the container. Ease of Cleaning One of the cons! The container is pretty easy to clean, but if something or food gets into the motor or any other hole you have to open up the whole thing, and unscrew it to take it out. Durability Very good! Not a single crack (you can easily replace the container). I would give an A+ for durability of this product.



Great for samll jobs


I have this small food processor and its great for my samller receipes that only call for like half an onino or green pepper. It's convinent to use and doesn't take up much space, which is a plus in my house because I am very limited on my kitchen space. The only complaint I have is that it will only fit half an onion in it so I can only chop up a little at a time. But all in all it is a great little devicse.

Washington, NC


Food Processor's save you time in the kitchen.


Food processors are great.They can really save you a lot of time in the kitchen.Especially if you have a lot of preparations involved preparing for a functions such as a party, luncheons etc.The cost can very.Depending on the brand name and the store you purchase it from.And also the want you need you processor do .For example if your were a chef of most likely you would buy one that has all the bells and whistles that can perform severaltask.Then what you would normally buy for your kitchen at home for everyday used.So shop around and compare according to your needs.

Pittsburgh, PA


Kitchen Gourmet Electric Food Processor

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