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Kitchen Gourmet
Kitchen Gourmet 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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It overheats you can't make a 7 minute icing, bad quality.


It's okay if you're mixing something for just a few minutes. But if you're making an icing over the stove and you have to have it on for seven minutes. The lil motor gets hot and just stops. It never made it to the 7 minute timer. P.S. when it stops be sure and turn it off or like me you'll back into kitchen after it has cooled off and it will start throwing icing all over you and the kitchen, very funny incident. The mixer won. Mixing Performance It wasn't a very strong mixer. Was worried about it mixing soft butter. Ease of Cleaning Cleans like all the rest. Ease of Use First speed is too fast especially when you add the flour.



This hand mixer has a mind of it's own...too much so!


I received this kitchen hand mixer as a gift from my grandmother last Christmas.  I am very much into baking and being in the kitchen, so this was a great addition to my kitchen appliances, as my hand mixer had just broke and I was in desperate need of a new one!  I was very pleased when I first got this, but as soon as I plugged it in to mix a cake batter, I realized it wasn't going to be quite as nice as I had hoped.  I don't know if I got a "lemon" but the lowest setting on this thing was so fast!  It started to throw batter around everywhere.  So I checked it to see if I had put it up on the high setting...not so.  It was on the lowest possible.  Determined to not have to buy another mixer, I had put up with it and resorted to mixing things in a bowl set in the kitchen sink.  So while it does a very fast job of mixing things, it's not so great when you need to have control over the speed unfortunately.

Franklin, TN


Kitchen Gourmet mixer, need it in my home.


A few months ago I wanted to make some home made Banana Pudding, and I got prepared to make it, and started making it, and after making the pudding part, and getting the banana, and Nilla wafers all in the baking dish, and had it all layerd, and looking all pretty, realized that I had no mixer.  I was very upset that I had no mixer.  I also could not finish my Banana Pudding, was so bummed out.  So about a month ago I went out and bought my Kitchen Gourmet 5 speed mixer, and I feel so happy to say that when I made my famous Banana pudding for Thanksgiving, it was a real hit.  I was able to use my mixer for the marang on the top of the pudding.  It was so good!  I did not have to much left overs that's for sure.  I love to use my mixer to make lots of different goodies like cakes, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, and so on.  I don't know how people can live without one of these.

Tucson, AZ


Kitchen Gourmet 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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