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Kitchen Gourmet
Kitchen Gourmet 3-Cup Rice Cooker (RC-3)

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I dont get why people buy this.


A three cup rice maker? I have pots ten times that size for a third of the price. This product I feel is a waste of my time. It cooks the rice okay, nothing really to write home about though. Performance The rice came out fine. I feel if I had made it in a simple pot though, that it would have come out better. To me the rice that I cooked in this didn't come out fluffy at all. Ease of Cleaning It was pretty easy to clean this, but again compared to a pot it is harder. You have to worry about avoiding the plug and waiting for the whole thing to cool off. Ease of Use It is fairly easy to use, you don't have to wait for water to boil, as you would if you were using a regular pot. Durability So far this has lasted a while, but again so would a regular pot, I truly do not understand the point of this thing. I feel as if it is useless and I could have spent the money on something else. Design The design is okay. I am never to excited when I see it and I never leave it out in my kitchen.



Easy to use


We received this little rice cooker as a gift from my father in law after having dinner over at his place one night and I was impressed by the ease of making rice with it. Making rice is so easy with this and its very straightforward. All you have to do is put the amount of water you want in it, the amount of rice, plug it in and turn it on to cook. Pretty simple. It does take a little longer to cook then using instant rice, but I feel that the quality of the rice you are getting is better and well worth the wait. If we are ever having a dish that requires rice, I just start this first and wait until it's done. That way your main dish is not getting cold waiting for the rice to cook. It does get very hot after it's done cooking so, please watch out for that. Also it can spit out hot water as its cooking and make the counter wet around the bottom. Other then that we have been very pleased with it and use it frequently. Ease of Cleaning It is best to soak the heating pan right away, because the rice can stick to the bottom and can make it tough to scrub out.



You won't ever have burned rice again with this rice cooker!


Ever had burned up or dried out rice? Yeah...me too, until I got this rice cooker. I love it! This rice cooker cooks up to 3 cups of rice and has a pan that it cooks the rice in. After it is done cooking, the machine turns itself to warm until you are ready to eat. After you are done eating it, you can put that pan in the fridge, and the next day, pull it out, put it back in the cooker, and add some water, and wait for it to reheat itself perfectly! Rice the next day or two is always great with this. It has always worked well, and although different types of rice require some adjusting (i.e. more water), you can figure it out pretty quickly. My only problem is with brown rice. It never turns out quite the way I like it because my ratio of rice to water is never right. The only issue I have with it is that if you ever do want to cook a full 3 cups of rice, it does spit out some stuff from the rice as it is cooking. I rarely cook that much, so it isn't an issue, but if you do, it might be for you. Cleaning the pot is easy, but I do always soak it for a few hours and then clean it out with the included spoon. Some of the rice gets sticky on the bottom, and so I have to scrape a little out, but it isn't bad.

Sterling, CO


Kitchen Gourmet 3-Cup Rice Cooker (RC-3)

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