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Kitchen Gourmet
Kitchen Gourmet 10-Cup Microwave Rice Cooker

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Good Alternative to Electric Cookers


I make a lot of rice and when I saw that there was a product that could be used to steam rice in the microwave instead of a cooker that had to sit on my already crowded countertop I snapped one up. At first I was quite impressed. This does do a nice job of steaming the rice. All the grains come out separate and fluffy and fully cooked. There are no hard bits or anything as I had expected. It's quite easy to wash as well, although it can take a bit of scrubbing to get the rice out of all the little holes if you don't take all the rice out right away and wash it immediately. The only issue I found with it was that you have to store it somewhere when it's not in use. This may not seem like a problem, but it's another pot to have to store. It is rather compact, but it's not exactly small, and begin round you can't just tuck it in the corner of a cabinet. This is definitely a good option if you have limited kitchen space or want to be able to cook decent rice in a dorm room. It's well made and a good alternative to an electric rice cooker.

Vernon Rockville, CT


The 10-cup MICROWAVE Rice Cooker is perfect for dorms.


Kitchen Gourmet's 10-cup Microwave Rice Cooker is wonderful! I purchased it while I was in college, because I wanted a way to cook in the dormitories (without breaking any regulations) so I could have an alternative to the cafeteria's dinning menu, and access to (late night) healthy meals or snacks while studying.  As an Engineering student late night study sessions were practically every night, even before the group & final projects started, and I needed something to go with the Mountain Dew's we were guzzling. The Rice Cooker is very easy to clean and use, is compact (this cooker was the perfect size for my college microwave), steamed all types of vegetables and meats, is capable of preparing stews and soups (which also came in handy on sick days when I didn't want to leave the room let alone eat soup/stew from a can), and with its adjustable pressure valve there are many other dishes you can prepare. I suggest this product for anyone who is or has a college student, or simply has a busy lifestyle but wants to have quality and healthy meals with little to no additional cost or time.

Chicago, IL


Kitchen Gourmet 10-Cup Microwave Rice Cooker

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