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Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diaper

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Pretty Good diaper for the price!


I had originally purchased some of the original contour diapers and while they worked okay when my baby had a pee diaper, they didn't work so well with poop diapers. What I love about the hybrid contour diaper is that it has the fitted legs. With this new style, it holds in all the moisture and I have very little problem with leakage. I think overall its been a pretty good diaper

Wilmore, KY


Kissaluvs Hybrid OS Countour Diaper Soaks fast


Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Countour Diaper is a cheaper alternative to the fitted kissaluvs with snaps. The Kissaluvs hybrid contours are made from cotton fleece. Which is super soft, but also bulky. They get soaked pretty quickly for the bulk. These can be held on with a snappi or pins. The elastic at the legs helps to contain the poop better than the regular Kissaluvs contours. Even though these are labeled as one size, they are pretty big and not for the newborn stage. For the newborn stage nothing beats the Kissaluvs size 0 fitted. Kissaluvs also makes this same hybrid contour in hemp/cotton blend that is great and a bit more absorbant than the cotton/fleece blend. Since these fitteds get soaked so quickly, I would recommend adding the Kissaluvs doublers or soakers. These are great under a nice wool cover. The kissaluvs wool cover is nice and trim and goes well with this.

Beverly Hills, CA


Kissaluv Hybrids are a perfect fit


We decided to start cloth diapering our daughter when she was 7 months old because we were absolutely tired of stain treating all of her clothes because of blowouts from disposable diapers (even good ones.) My sister had loaned us some Kissaluv Contours, and I really liked using them with a Snappi. When I started my search for what diapers I wanted to order, I discovered these Hybrids that are a cross between the Contour and a Fitted. They are cheaper than a fitted because they don't have fasteners, but they are better than a contour because they have elastic in the legs. The elastic REALLY holds the poop inside the diaper. I have only had them leak into the cover two or three times - but they were epic diapers! They still fit my daughter really well, she'll be a year in one more week. I can see them continuing to fit her for quite some time. I use a Snappi to fasten them, and although they are a little difficult to really dig into the fabric and hold - I'd use them any day over diaper pins! My only thoughts about them is that although they say they are one size, I cannot imagine them fitting a 0-3 month old. You would have to fold them so much that baby's bum would be HUGE!

Conway Springs, KS


Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diaper

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