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Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers - Size (5-16 lbs)

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Not KRAZY for kissaluvs


I know there are tons of "green" concious people out there...well I think all of that is kind of hokey stuff, but I am here to give my opinion on these cloth diapers...ugh! Send a dozen plastic ones to the landfill anyday! I am not impressed with these puppies! First of all trying these out I figured I would be saving some money, but Noooo! I am spending more money and time it seems. I am washing and washing these things so much more. You can't just buy a set of these for the baby because as you know the baby utilizes a bunch of these in one day alone! They stain pretty easily as well. Try drying these things...Oh wait I am sure you green folks are hanging them out on the line--good luck with that one!! Drying them takes like I dont see where the money saving comes in at all. It also sontains a bit of wool, so bleaching them makes the fibers much weaker and not as sturdy anymore.


Atascadero, CA


My favorite Diaper!


I have used the fitted diapers with both of my children the last four years and have loved them. I love how durable they are, the fitted legs so leakage is hardly ever a problem, and with the new V.2 they hold even more in them. These diapers have been my favorite hands down. They are soft and comfortable, and paired with the Marvel diaper cover, I haven't had a leak out of them. We love these diapers.


Wilmore, KY


Kissaluvs are great!


I cloth diapered two boys for several years....Kissaluvs was the first that I used on them. I had the size 1 only and they were great for newborns. So soft and cuddly. I didn't mind that you needed to use a diaper cover...but, its nice to know that before buying them. Kissaluvs didn't bother my boy's skin..but, they did need to be changed right away to prevent any issues. I had many different styles of cloth diapers and this is one that I do recommend to friends that want to give it a try. The other diapers I liked are fuzzi bunz and happy heiny's....but, once we were out of the Kissaluvs we used the other brands. They come in several colours...and are reversable! Easy to use during diaper changes. They clean up great. They fit great around the thighs and waist. The only issues I did have...they do take awhile to dry. And you do have to use a diaper cover....but, I didn't find that a big deal. I do recommend them...but, do have some extra back up diapers since these do take longer to dry.


Auburn, IN


absolute best value for money


i have 26 Kissa's Size 0 and have used them over the last 5 year. The diapers have held up great. All Kissaluvs products hold up great though, Having gone through 3 boys now and stiil have no holes or anything. Amazing! I love that the diapers are 100% Cotton surface so only cotton touches my baby. Plus the snaps are easy to figure out and i especially have to say that we are cd'ing only becasue of the Kissa's. My husband would not use any prefolds or other diapers after he saw these!


Houston, TX


Kissaluvs not worth it.


I am a first time mom of a seven week old baby, so cloth diapering is pretty knew to me. I am maienly using prefolds and covers, but will be switching to all-in-ones just because of convenience. Prefolds and covers are much cheaper, though, and certainly a good option, even if not my prefered method. I was given a lot of regular prefolds, but bought Kissaluvs because of the reviews, and what seemed to be an easier, more straightforward way of folding. Prefolds seemed very complicated (I have found that they aren't, though!) to me when I was researching what to buy, which is why I decided to try the Kissaluvs. They are very soft and absorbant. They're also easy to put on. The issue I have with them, though, is that they're way more expensive than prefolds, and aren't superior enough to pay that much more money. Prefolds, while not as soft, are just as good at containing leaks, and if you're lucky, you can find them for a buck each. I say, if you've got the money to blow on these, just go with all-in-ones instead. You won't be spending that much more money, and it will be easier.


norwood, OH


Kissaluvs -nice and durable cloth diapers


I found the Kissaluvs to be one of my favorite fitted diapers. Generally, I'm a fan of pocket diapers and AIOs, but these diapers are very absorbent. I even used them as a night time diaper. I just added a couple hemp doublers. The Kissaluv fitted diapers fit my 6lb 7.5 oz newborn son until he at least six months old. I love the fitting range. I was a bit worried that my son would outgrow them quickly. With other fitted diapers, they went to the next size quickly, so I felt as though I ddin't get as much wear with them. One size fits all were never a good fit for both my petite children. They always left gaps. I loved the snug fit of the Kissaluvs. The Kissaluv diapers are one of the softest diapers. I found some diapers too rough for my babies. The Kissaluvs come in lots of cute colors, but you don't get to show off their fluffy butt because it needs a cover. Of course there are so many cute covers, that it didn't really matter. I would definetly use Kissaluvs on my next child.


Fort Worth, TX


Kissaluvs are a great newborn diaper


One of the great things about kissaluvs size 0, is that your baby can wear them right away. They fit even a tiny newborn, and they fold down and can be worn before the umbilical cord stump falls off. I didn't think these diapers would last me as long as thet have, but I'm still able tp put my 13lb 2 month old in them with no leaks. Granted 1 pee pretty much fills them up now, but I don't mind since it means I don't have to do laundry as often since it adds 12 extra diapers to my stash. I'll probably have to retire them before he hits 3 months, but my baby is a big boy (8.5lbs at birth) so the average or small babies would probably be able to use them for longer than I could. The price is great and they come in really cute colours. Even just the plain unbleached option is super cute. The snaps are really good quality. I guess the main downside is thart they take quite a while to dry, and if you dry them in the sun they'll feel pretty rough unless you pop them back in the dryer for a little bit to fluff them up (a problem I didn't have with some of my other diapers).


Riverside, CA


Kissaluvs Fitteds Size 0 is so soft


Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers makes the best newborn diaper around. If you can afford 24+ of these, you will be set to cloth diaper from birth. They are made of fleece, which is not a natural fabric, but the 80% cotton makes it comfortable for baby and keeps the moisture away from baby's skin. They are so soft, and of very high quality construction. All kissaluvs products are made with love here in the United States, so you know they are not going to be contaminated with nasty toxins like lead, compared to the stuff made overseas. The newborn side folds down in the front, making space for the healing umbilical cord. This can be worn between approximately five to fifteen pounds, leaving quite a bit of growing room until you will need the next size up. This paired with the Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover Size 1 is an excellent choice to prevent all sorts of nasty leaks with your breast fed newborn and their runny poos. You can also do a newborn rental if the purchase price is too steep.


Davis, CA


Fit newborns well, but scratchy and stiff after a few washes...


When I was pregnant with my oldest, these are the newborn diapers that everyone raved about. So, I bought a dozen because I figured with this many people raving about them, I couldn't go wrong. I also had a mix of work at home mom made diapers and prefolds and a few popular maker pockets. These, of all of the newborn diapers I tried, were in fact the best *fit*. The umbilical dip for the cord was low enough, and they didn't gape at the legs at all. They fit my 7 pound 13 ounce short newborn like a glove. That said, I still didn't like them. They are sherpa, and this means that after you wash them a few times, they become rough and scratchy. I always felt like I needed to put a fleece liner in the diaper to keep the rough material off my newborn's soft skin.  They also were not very absorbent at all. I think two preemie prefolds folded together was much more absorbent. I would have never used these diapers out of the house or during naps or nighttime. They wash well and rinse clean, and they don't take an abnormally long time to dry in the dryer. I did find that using some "safe" fabric softner on these every other wash helped to keep them more bearable - I used Method, but there are several out there that are okay. You just have to make sure that you don't have any diapers in the cycle that have synthetic fibers, such as microfleece or suedecloth, because if they are rinsed in fabric softner they will repell (like Fuzzi Bunz or Bum Genius). Honestly, with SO many adorable, afforadable, soft newborn options out there, especially if you look at the WAHM made dipes, I would never recommend these to anyone.


Riverside, AL


Kissaluvs are the cutest for newborns - period!


To be honest, the only reason these diapers are getting a three star rating from me, and not a two, is becuase they are soooo cute.   However, Kissaluvs are CUTE, but they are also the kind of diaper that needs a cover, so you have to put all that cuteness under a cover, so it's not as good as an all-in-one diaper that is really cute. I also LOVED the fact that they had the snap-down part in the middle for when the baby still has the umbilical cord.  They are soft, but not as soft as other diapers I used.  Also, after the first wash, I started to see some of the stitching come undone.  I wrote to the company about it.  They asked that I send in the diaper for a replacement, and they did replace it, without any hassle and they included a complimentary wipe. Again, for a newborn diaper, these could be softer.  I bought some made from a stay at home mom from Hyena Cart and they were incredibly soft. 


Easton, PA


Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers - Size (5-16 lbs)

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