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Kiss My Face
Kiss my Face Moisture Shave - Peaceful Patchoulli

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Kiss my Face Moisture Shave is the only shaving cream I use!


Kiss my Face moisture shave in Peaceful Patchoulli is the only shaving cream I have used ever since it was introduced to me as a gift in my Christmas stocking by my mother. The scent is absolutely delicious and blends nicely with the other Kiss my Face products in Peaceful Patchoulli. The company is eco-friendly and their products are low in harmful parabens and other chemicals, which is awesome. I never get razor burn while using the moisture shave and I've found I have to use a lot less moisturizer on my legs after my shower. The moisture shave is smooth, silky, and calming. It really is a great product and the moisture shave is completely worth the extra price compared to other shaving cream brands. The only problem is that Kiss my Face isn't easy to find in all stores. I recommend going to Whole Foods or your local organic super market or health food store. For soft silky legs make sure you try Kiss my Face's Peaceful Patchoulli Moisture Shave as soon as possible!


Gainesville, FL


Excellent Option for Ladies


I'm sure like many ladies, I have been frustrated pretty much since I started having to shave my legs and underarms in trying to find products that were not "butch" guy products but that worked well to protect my skin while shaving from cuts and nicks.  A man I knew recommended the Kiss My Face shaving lotions to me and, since I have tried many other Kiss My Face products and liked them, I gave it a go.  I chose the Patchouli scent the first time, which is a rather strong, dramatic scent; but I find it quite relaxing and revitalizing in the shower.  This product works great!  It isn't the type that makes huge volumes of foam (which really blocks your vision and just gets in the way and is wasted, in my opinion).  This shaving lotion goes on and adheres somewhat to make a nice slick softening layer that is super-easy to work with.  One bottle seems to last forever (I think many of the other brands are all aerosol to create the foam, with little actual product).  The bottle design is also easy to handle and use (pump configuration that dispenses just the right amount, and the rectangular bottle shape sits on the narrow tub ledge with stability).


Los Angeles, CA


Silky Smooth and Moisturizing


There is nothing better than a smooth shave. Although I am a bit lax in the shaving department, I love having a nice close shave. Often I use hair conditioner as the texture makes it easy to have a close shave. It is moisturizing and since most hotels provide it I don't need to pack an extra product when I travel. When I am at home, I prefer to use something specifically for shaving, as that helps with both the closeness of the shave and the moisture left on your legs. Kiss My Face Moisture Shave is one of the products I reach for again and again. I like the brand, I like their focus on natural ingredients and a little of this moisture shave goes a long way. It comes out of the pump bottle looking like a lotion, and it goes on like one as well. With a little water you can create a lather but it is not so foamy that you can not see what you are doing. When you rinse your legs are smooth and moisturized, what more can you want from a shave product. Oh yes, a good smell. I am currently using the Peaceful Patchouli which is not only cruelty free, it is vegan and it has a light Patchouli scent that does not interfere with any other products I use.


Portage, MI


Kiss my Face Moisture Shave - Peaceful Patchoulli

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