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Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face Olive & Chamomile Soap

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Smells So Bad


I genuinely like Kiss My Face and most of their products since they are all natural and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this bar did not perform to expectations. After an unfortunate experience with Kiss My Face's Pure Olive Oil Soap I saw this and figured it had to be better since it added chamomile to the mix. Sadly, I was wrong. The soap does work well and foams up nicely. It leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and clean. The bar is a bit unwieldy at first since it is a rather a large sized rectangular bar that you can't get your fingers all the way around (and I have long fingers). The issue comes in with the "scent". The Pure Olive Oil Soap has an unfortunate motor oil type smell that leaves you smelling like you work in a garage. Despite the addition of chamomile in this version the underlying oily stink comes through. We're not talking a subtle oil scent, like if you get olive oil on your hands while cooking. We're talking a permeating stench that lingers on your skin. It is NOT attractive! This was just too crunchy granola for me and I tossed it after a single use. Really, it was not even useable as a hand soap in the kitchen. If you don't mind the odor then you will enjoy this moisturizing soap.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Love this Kiss My Face Soap!


This is my favorite bar soap! I use it every day. It does take some getting used to, like most natural products (if you've been using regular brands such as Dial). First of all, the soap is bown. If you are used to white, clean-looking soap, it will be an adjustment to see brown residue in your shower/tub. It also does not lather as much as other soap. It is, however, very natural and gentle. I have very sensitive skin and this soap has never irritated it. A lot of bar soap can dry your skin out, but this soap is very moisturizing and leaves your skin very clean and very soft. It does smell like chamomile, but it is not strong. I've used the bigger bar (it comes in two sizes) and it's almost too big to hang on to at first. This soap lasts quite a while, too - I can get at least a month out of it (especially now that I have a soap saver soap dish to put it on. Otherwise it will get kind of soft if left in some water). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great, natural soap!

Davenport, IA


Kiss My Face Olive & Chamomile Soap

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