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Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face Foot Scrub Original Peppermint 4 oz

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Effective With An Invigorating Scent!


I'm a big fan of peppermint in my bath products so when I was picking up some Kiss My Face soap and saw this nearby I had to add one to my basket. I'm quite pleased that I did. Kiss My Face makes excellent, all natural products and this is one of my favorites. It's inexpensive and the generously sized container provides a good value. This has a great peppermint scent. Not a fake, cloying one, but a true peppermint oil scent that is invigorating. The scrub is exfoliating without being scratchy or irritating. It left my feet soft and smooth (even my summer roughened soles). The peppermint scent which is quite potent in the product leaves just a subtle hint of peppermint behind. I actually used this on my calves and knees as well since I'd been in the garden and was quite a mess. I was left with a nice tingle and soft, smooth, clean skin. Even the ground in dirt on my knees came out. I know that it's supposed to be a foot scrub, but it does work for other things as well! I definitely recommend this! It is, by far, one of my favorite Kiss My Face products!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Great smelling exfoliant and scrubber!


I really love to use Kiss my Face Foot Scrub Original Peppermint! I first tried it when I received some for Christmas. It smells great! I like to rub my feet with it and enjoy how it tingles on them. It not only cleans them but removes dry skin. I also use it on my face several times a week to help remove dead dry skin. It love how gentle it is. It is strong enough to use on my feet, but gentle enough to use on my face too! Effectiveness It soothes, cleans, and exfoliates dry skin! Scent Has a nice peppermint smell!



Kiss My Face Foot Scrub: A treat for DIY pedicures


  I like, not all, but most Kiss My Face products. Kiss My Face has a line of beauty & cleansing products that are made in the U.S.A. using mostly organic ingredients. I absolutely love the [Kiss My Face Big Body shampoo][1] . The most recent Kiss My Face products I have tried were the Kiss My Face Foot Scrub & Kiss My Face Peppermint Foot Cream.  I am trying to treat my feet to weekly DIY pedicure and step one is a good soak and scrub. **Kiss My Face Foot Scrub **has: shea butter peppermint sunflower oil with vitamins A & E pumice walnut shells I found Kiss My Foot Scrub in a 4 oz. tube.  I'd really like to buy it in a larger quantity because I definitely want to use it every week. ***My Viewpoint:***  The pumice and walnut shells in **Kiss My Face Foot Scrub** create the perfect exfoliation for feet and especially my heels.  Some scrubs just don't feel like they really do anything to exfoliate dead skin and rough patches.  Others are just too harsh and overdo it.  As Goldilocks said, Kiss My Face Foot Scrub is just right.   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Kiss-My-Face-Big-Body-Shampoo-11-oz-review-ecc64

Big Island, VA


Kiss My Face Foot Scrub Original Peppermint 4 oz

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