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Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face All Day Creme de Jour

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Not So Great For Acne Prone Skin


I really like most of Kiss My Face's products and was intrigued enough by this to give it a try. I attempted it on my face first, where it left my combination acne prone skin feeling rather greasy after application. It's great on random dry spots, but not good for all over for those with combination skin. Since I didn't want this to go to waste after it didn't go over well on my face I ended up bringing it to work to keep in my desk. It did a great job of being a fast, effective hand moisturizer that did not leave my hands greasy. Since this didn't actually work as expected I never did buy a second tub of it, but the first tub was a solid product. It just wasn't ideal for my skin type. The scent, rather surprisingly for a Kiss My Face product that contains olive oil, was quite light and pleasant and dissipated quickly so my hands were left with just a faint hint of scent but nothing overwhelming. I can't recommend this for those, like me, who are acne prone or have combination skin, but if you have dry skin it may work out well for you. alternatively, it does make an good, reasonably priced hand cream.

Vernon Rockville, CT


My face no longer feels dry 1 hour after putting moisturizer on!


I bought the Kiss MY Face daily moisturizer at the local organic market today.  I had just taken a shower and washed my face.  It had been about an hour and my face was feeling a little dry already.  I don't have oily skin...pretty normal (T zone) so I'm thinking that maybe my face wash is drying my skin out a bit but not so much that I want to change it.  My current moisturizer was definitely not doing the job though. The store has a tester so when I arrived I saw it and put some on my face.  I proceeded to do my grocery shopping.  About an hour later I was ready to leave.  I walked past the Kiss My Face counter and remembered that I had put it on earlier.  My skin felt really nice so I decided to buy a jar.  It's not cheap...but not expensive either.  Definitely worth it for me to invest in one jar and see how it works over time.  Based on my experience so far I think this will be my moisturizer of choice for a while. 

Nashua, NH


Kiss My Face All Day Creme de Jour

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