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Bold Coffee, Keurig K-Cup Blend, Dark Roast Coffee
Kirkland Signature
Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold K-Cups

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Good Flavored Coffee but no bargain


I have had a Keurig coffee maker for quite some time and really like being able to have a fresh cup of coffee throughout the day. I am always pm the lookout for a bargain so when I saw the Kirkland brand of K-cups displayed at our local Costco I thought great, I will save some money. The coffee has taste okay and it has a good flavor as well as a fresh brewed scent. So the coffee is fine and yes, I would buy it again, realized that this brand was not really any less expensive than the other brands. Other disadvantages to buying such a large box of the k-cups is the amount of room needed for storage, and not getting a variety of flavors. Yes, I would buy this large forty eight count of Kirkland K-cups again. It is a good buy, great coffee, stays fresh in the K-cup packs and my coffee buddies are like me and we prefer the plain coffees over the flavored ones. I keep a coffee maker at my office and these little cups work well. Not only do we have a fresh cup of coffee anytime that we want it, the clean up is amazingly easy.

Peoria, AZ


Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold K-Cups

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