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Our cats spend most of their time outside, but we allow them inside when it gets extremely cold or to eat and play with our kids. When they are inside, they are trained to use the litter box, and we have never had a better experience with cat litter than with this particular one. The cats enjoy it and are willing to use it, it covers smell, and it absorbs the cat waste very well. It does its job well, and the price is very reasonable. Combining these factors leads me to recommend it. Moisture Absorption This cat litter does a great job at absorbing moisture, leaving the cat to feel comfortable in the litter box and willing to go back again. This moisture absorption also helps the little last for longer than other types of litter that we have tried, meaning that it does not need to be changed as often (and saving money in the process). Ease of Cleaning With a slotted scoop, this litter is very easy to sift through and remove the junk while living the good litter for a little bit longer. It is also easy to change completely, and it does not leave the litter box itself dirty. Odor Control In my opinion, this litter does a great job at odor control. It absorbs much of the bad smell of the cat waste, and it does a very wonderful job at preventing the smell from traveling through the room or the rest of the house.



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