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Kirkland Shampoo

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You won't be disappointed!!


A brand loyal user for years thought I'd give this a try and I was amazed!! I absolutely loved how soft and manageable my hair was. Smells great too!!



Stands up against all others


I tried Kirkland Shampoo and honestly must confess it stands up to all other shampoos I have used. It's nicely scented and works through a nice lather. My hair most definitely feels clean afterward (and looks it). It's easily manageable to work with after cleaning. I like it's fragrance as it's not too loud. I must confess I use the Kirkland Conditioner as well. I do not think it is necessary but I wanted to try both the products together and see how they worked as a team. Effectiveness I have to say that my hair always feels very clean after using Kirkland Shampoo. The shampoo produces a good lather. Also my hair is so easily manageable after using this shampoo. Also, I have to comment that I have received several compliments on my hair after using this product. A nice little plus. Scent It is nicely scented. I have nose problems and have problems with heavy floral shampoos. So when I say nicely scented I feel it's appropriately scented not to play havoc with anyone's nose.

Delray Beach, FL


Not great.


I really did not like the Kirkland Shampoo. It is a little too generic for me. I figured it was cheaper so why not, but then after using it I returned it for my money back. Its a basic store brand shampoo, so don't expect great results. It cleans and does its job, but expect harsher hair afterwards. Effectiveness Kirkland brand shampoo comes out in a pump, which is convenient in the shower. In your hand it has a nice smooth texture and lathers up okay in your hair. My hair seemed to be clean after using it, but it did not feel very nourished or conditioned afterwards. If you had short hair, then maybe it wouldn't matter and you could buy this, but for shoulder length hair and longer, you would probably prefer a more conditioning shampoo. If you had short hair, like the typical male, then you could easily use this brand. Scent Generic shampoo with a generic smell. Definitely gender neutral, nothing stands out smell wise to explain it.



Salon type shampoo at a great price


I have found this shampoo to be as excellent as many of the high priced, salon brands. It foams excellently even in the hard water I have. I only need a small amount to get great results. It is mild yet cleanses all the assorted products that build up in my hair Effectiveness I am getting clean, shiny hair with no greasy fell. It seems to work well with my colored hair Scent It has a mild scent, not over powering.

Morrisville, PA


Not bad for the amount of shampoo you get!


I started using Kirkland Shampoo about a year or so ago and i think it's pretty good. Granted, it sells like a keep knock-off brand but the actual product in itself doesn't come with any annoying smells or damaging effects. I have been dying my hair for about 4 years now and using the Kirkland shampoo doesn't affect the coloring at all. Plus, getting the shampoo in the huge bottles from costco means that I only have to buy shampoo once or twice a year. it's god quality and I would highyl recommend it. If you are looking for something special in your shampoo, you might want to look at higher priced brands but I buy more expensive conditioner to accomplish the same end as a high price shampoo and condition would. All in all, the Kirkland shampoo is a good steal for any thrifty shopper who knows that in the end, shampoo just needs to clean your hair and not cause any damage. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to save a buck!

Pittsburgh, PA


Kirkland shampoo is okay


I am someone who has tried pretty much every shampoo out there of the drugstore (not expensive professional-style) variety. I like experimenting with different kinds of shampoo, but I recently decided to get the monstrous two-pack of Kirkland shampoo at Costco. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I have "fine" hair, hair that I'm constantly trying to volumize. While the shampoo was a great bargain, my biggest complaint was that the shampoo really weighed my hair down. Even after using different styling products along with it, I really found it difficult to give my hair any lift. If you are like me and need volume, I don't recommend buying/using this shampoo. However, if you have "poofy" hair you're constantly trying to tame, you might like the extra weight it provides. I think it would have been helpful to know this ahead of time...now I am stuck with two enormous packs of shampoo that I'm not thrilled with!

Tacoma, WA


Kirkland Shampoo

3.8 6