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Kirkland Hydrating Shampoo

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Litterally the best shampoo I have ever used and I have tried many. It smells utterly amazziinnggg! The scent lasts all day and it isnt too much. It tames my fly aways or split ends, whatever you want to call them. But I believe that since it does do that, that that may be the reason why my mom says it takes away her curls. So... I say it is deffinately worth a try and see how it reacts with your hair. If you want or dont want curls that will probably effect your decision as well. Sadly I think it may have taken away my natural highlights and left my hair kinda dull, but that may just be because it's winter and I havent been out as much. :P The price isnt as cheap as others, but it is still a really great price! Especially if it smells so great, and works so well and gives you the benifits you want! SO yes, do give it a try! Effectiveness You dont have to use much to clean your hair. Scent Soo pretty! I cant really describe it..




Best Shampoo EVER!!!!


This shampoo is absolutely the best product ever made! It masks my hair in luxury goodness and is so inexpensive. It is made of organic products and almost every one of the ingredients can be pronounced by you and me without needing a chemisty degree. I love how my hair feels and looks. Effectiveness Very hydrating and a feeling of pure luxury Scent Smells clean and fine.


Ladera Ranch, CA


Wow! Kirkland Hydrating Shampoo Better than expected!


After trying the Kirkland Hydrating Conditioner from Costco and LOVING it, we decided to give the shampoo companion a try. It did not disappoint. The shampoo is a very silky, creamy consistancy and feels great going on your hair. The smell is wonderful and it lathers really well. It rinses easily and leaves your hair healthy feeling, shiny and silky. It has a light perfume scent that is really nice. I would compare it to Pantene Pro V, except that the price makes it an even better find. The value of this product is exceptional. You really can't go wrong. If you have a big family, or just hate paying a lot for your hair products, this shampoo would be a perfect fit. This is absolutely our new brand!


Huntington Beach, CA


try it once


i tried this product for the first time. I would recommend this brand for everybody who normally shampoo their hair everyday. It is one the best product for everyday use as it is waterbased. it can be used by everybody. It is a healthy shampoo and can be topped up with any conditioner of ur choice. It gives a smooth and healthy shine to your hair. Also has a light fragrance.


Floral Park, NY


Kirkland Hydrating Shampoo

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