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Kirkland Hydrating Conditioner

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Could Combine With Shampoo


I often use this conditioner in conjunction with Kirkland's hydrating shampoo, and it does a great job of moisturizing and revitalizing the hair. It comes in a big bottle that lasts for a long time, and buying it in two packs provides a pretty good deal for the money (if paying for conditioner separately from shampoo). But I would like to see Kirkland combine their shampoo and conditioner into one product. Most people probably already use both, and it would save the consumers money (and probably Kirkland as well, since they would be using less packaging to make the product. Effectiveness This conditioner advertises itself as one that moisturizes, strengthens, and revitalizes, and I have seen these good results when using it. My hair does feel healthy and strong, and I don't have the ends splitting nearly as often. Scent The scent of this conditioner is pleasant and mild. I often use this conditioner along with Kirkland's hydrating shampoo, and the scent of the two blends well together.



Better conditioner than all advertised in market.


I feel great writing a review on this product. It is not very expensive and and it is not a cheap kind of product you will be using. I have tried expensive shampoos and conditioners but nothing suited my hair. Once I went out with friends and I noticed my friend's hair as very smooth and shiny. I asked her, what she use. She told me that she uses a very cheap shampoo and conditioner but takes care not to wash hair too frequently. I got the idea and purchased the cheaper looking product of Kirkand. I found that it is really great. Shampoo is needed very little in quanitity and one can dilute it before use and then use this hydrating conditioner which works like a cream on hair. But don't leave it for long time. It is recommended for 3 minutes and 3 minutes are sufficient. Once you apply it leave it and rinse it, your hair feels softer because it is absorbed quickly. Remember to use cold to little warm water, high temperature water damages hair and we blame our shampoos and conditioners for that. My hair grew long because it prevents any breakage.

Astoria, NY


Kirkland Hydrating Conditioner

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