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Generation 3

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Kirby G3 save your time and money


Let me tell you how they do it. there will be a group of people 8-10 half will go door to door and asked if you would like a free carpet shampoo, it will just be a few minuets of your time. If you said yes like we did then about 15 minutes 3 people will come over and explain the Kirby. tell you you need to clean your carpet before they can clean it. they attach a pad to the **vacuum, then vacuum a small area, then show all the dirt it picked up.** then they start there spiels about how Kurby is the best and start to show all the features it has. that its the best products on the market today. then they asked to see your old vacuum and set it out the from door of your house, this is the signal that they are going to sell one and someone picks it up while the others sell you on the G3. all features it has. ect.. keept asking how much we spend on this product and it was a like a used car dear in your house. you say one price and they come back with another.. this went on for 2 hours before I told them at they haven't even cleand the carpet yet.. and that I will just keep my vaccum off the poarch. they go offened at that point.. after I said time for the party to end.. they make an offer of xxx amount and rejected and then they lowered a little more, rejeceted again, dropped it some more and tired fed up agreeed on that price with all the attachments. Needless the next day the transmission thay talked up so much about would grind in N and In D it would be just as worse. most dreaded day in my life. I have only one other person that came to our house asked if we would like ot have there carpet cleand....First words out of our mouths was is this Kirby, they said yes, and we said good bye. I have nothing nice to say about them.. If your board and and have a afternoon kill have them come in and experiance your self, If you can have family with you or record it; its worth a laugh

Santaquin, UT


Best Investment You Can Make


Kirby vacuums have been around for more years than I can count back.  I remember when my brother was a saleman for Kirby... he was only like 18 years old... now he is in his late forties.  My husband and I agreed to have a demonstrator come to our house to show us the Kirby Generation 3 vacuum.  That was 16 years ago.  We were very impressed and even though at that time our entire house was hardwood floors except one room... we bought it!  We had to take out a loan because it was quite expensive, but very well worth it!  After 16 years, our Kirby vacuum is still working just as good as it did on the first day we bought it... and when I say working, I mean it really works well!  I remember before buying this vacuum, we went through SEVERAL other cheap vacuums that after awhile, we would have to run over the same spot over and over again and then eventually reach down and pick up whatever piece of lint we were trying to pick up with the vacuum.  This Kirby picks up EVERYTHING and gets down deep into the carpet to really clean!  We love it and are so glad we made that investment 16 years ago.

Taylorsville, KY



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