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2001 G
Kirby Series Vacuum

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I love this vaccum


We have had this brand of vacuum, in fact the same Kirby vacuum for what seems forever now. The Kirby has never died on us. We have big dogs and the rugs are always full of hair, but when I vacuum with my Kirby, it all goes away. It still has AMAZING suction even though it is a very old vacuum. It never clogs up with big balls of dog hair. I love using this vacuum on the stairs with the attachments. It is also very easy to use in tight spaces, like under the tables because the handle can go all the way down and touch the floor and the head will still be touching the carpet and vacuuming. I also love using my vacuum on the hardwood floors in my home because it doesn't scratch them, and it collects all the dust, dirt, and hair. Everyone knows sweeping isn't fun! Why not vacuum?! So I recommend this brand of vacuum over any other brand because it is so much better in just about any category!




Kirby Series Vacuum

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